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Can’t remember the follow-up instructions from your last doctor visit? Need to ask your doctor a medical question? Curious to see your child’s growth curve? You can do all that and more with MyChart!

MyChart is an online tool that connects you with your personal health information and your healthcare team quickly and easily. Any care you receive from a GHS provider will appear in your MyChart account. You also can use MyChart to manage the health information of other family members, such as an aging parent (with his or her permission) or child, by setting up a proxy account.

Once you have an account, you can access MyChart on the internet or through the MyChart mobile app.

Things You Can Do With MyChart

View visit summaries, follow-up instructions, billing summaries and preventive care recommendations.

Create and print a wallet card with your important health information.

Review medication lists and instructions for yourself or a child or elderly parent (through a proxy account).

Ask medical questions to your
doctor’s office.

Pay your medical bills online.

Monitor your child’s growth curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways to sign up for a GHS MyChart account. You can sign up at your doctor’s office, either when you check in or with a provider in the exam room.

You also can sign up using the activation code from your after-visit summary or billing statement. You’ll need to enter this code at to get an account. If you want to open an account and don’t have an activation code, you can request one at and it will be emailed to you.

For a step-by-step guide to activating a MyChart account, click here.

Yes. After opening a MyChart account, you can download the MyChart app onto your mobile device for even quicker access. Be sure to select Greenville Health System as your medical center.

A MyChart proxy account enables you to access another person’s MyChart account through your own account. If that person is an adult (e.g., an aging parent), you will need their permission to open a proxy account to access their MyChart info.

Proxy accounts also are a good way for parents to keep track of their children’s health information. Parents with more than one child can link all of their children’s MyChart accounts to their own through proxy access.

The first step in setting up a proxy account is to make sure both you and the other person have a MyChart account. To link your child’s account, ask the front office staff the next time you visit your pediatrician’s office. You also can do this for another adult whose account you wish to link to yours. Note that both parties must be present to set up the proxy access.

Even if you have a MyChart account at another facility, you still need to create a GHS MyChart account to see care received from GHS care providers. However, you can easily link your accounts online through a MyChart tool called Lucy.

The MyHealth First Network (Orion) portal will remain available in addition to MyChart. Any other patient portal(s) will be active for a period of time. MyChart will not contain a copy of all the information found in the other portal(s).

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You can use SmartExam to receive health care online for a variety of common conditions. Complete the online evaluation and let one of our GHS care providers send you a diagnosis and treatment plan (and prescription if needed) via email.

Need help with MyChart?

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