Our Affiliate System

We are building one organization with affiliates in two regions. Our parent company, now known as Prisma Health, supports both affiliates with overall direction and leadership as we continue to align. We will soon share one brand across the entire organization to better reflect this. The rebranded Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group will continue to operate as a joint venture between the Midlands affiliate and the USC School of Medicine.

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We are becoming Prisma Health in early 2019

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

In keeping with our mission to heal compassionately, teach innovatively and improve constantly, GHS is committed to providing financial assistance to patients who cannot pay for all or part of their bill.

GHS financial assistance policy
Plain-language financial summary
GHS billing and collection policy
Financial assistance application

Providers in program
Providers not in program

Financial policy documents and application in other languages can be found at the bottom of the page.

Financial assistance is available for emergency and other medically necessary care provided by GHS (and certain other providers) to both insured and uninsured patients who meet income and asset limit requirements. All patients who believe they may qualify for financial assistance are urged to fill out and submit a financial assistance application.

In general, patients at or below 200% of applicable federal poverty guidelines and other limited resources may qualify for financial assistance. Patients between 200% and 400% of applicable federal poverty guidelines and other limited resources may qualify for a sliding scale adjustment, which will reduce the amount owed by the patient.

Patients who do not meet the criteria outlined above may qualify under the charity catastrophic clause. This clause refers to when the hospital bill or bills exceed two times the annual household income and the patient has limited additional resources.

Once the application has been completed in its entirety, including signature, please submit it to:

Greenville Health System
255 Enterprise Boulevard, Ste. 250
Greenville, SC 29615

The completed application also may be returned to a GHS facility located near the patient. NOTE: The information provided on the charity application will be verified. If the information is determined at any time to be incorrect, charity care may be denied or revoked. A representative can help the patient with the application process for state Medicaid or other hospital financial assistance. Customer service representatives may be reached at (864) 454-9604 or 1-844-302-8298 (toll free).