Women’s Services Cohort

Our Women’s Services cohort is offered at these Prisma Health facilities.

Greenville Memorial Medical Campus

Women’s Specialty: This unit cares for high-risk antepartum patients, high risk postpartum patients, GYN patients, and grief/demise patients. Women’s specialty also assumes care of patients in the early stages of  induction. The unit is comprised of 23 beds.

Family Birthplace: This unit takes care of a variety of patients encompassing low and high risk inductions, low and high risk patients in labor, high risk antepartum patients, and grief/demise cases. This unit provides the opportunity for water births and midwifery care. Patient care is provided through the immediate postpartum period. Greenville Memorial Hospital is also the Perinatal Regional Center that accepts and manages high risk transfers from other facilities within the community.  The unit is comprised of 15 labor rooms, an OB operating room suite with 3 ORs as well as multiple recovery rooms, and a 7-bed triage area.

Family Beginnings: This is a 35-bed unit that cares for postpartum low risk moms and newborns. We have nurses that are assigned to couplet care and/or newborn nursery care. The nursery nurse is responsible for newborn admissions and cares for boarder babies that may require an extended stay. We are part of the MAIN program that provides care for our opioid exposed newborns, so that their care can take place in Level 1 nursery and not in a NICU setting.

Laurens County Memorial Hospital

The Family Birthplace – Women’s Life Center: Offers a wide range of OB/GYN nursing skills. Nursing care includes OB triage patients, antepartum patients, labor, delivery, and recovery process, postpartum couplet care, occasional Level 1 nursery care, and GYN post-surgical patient care. The patient population is primarily low-risk with high-risk patients usually being transferred to GMH.

Patewood Memorial Hospital

Family Birthplace (Labor and Delivery): Care of low-risk laboring patients that have completed at least 35 weeks gestation and includes labor, delivery, and recovery. There are 10 LDRs, 2 ORs for cesarean sections, 3 PACU beds, and 2 triage beds.

Family Beginnings (Mom Baby Unit): Care of low risk new moms and babies. There is a nursery for babies that may need stabilization; however, the unit practices rooming-in for routine postpartum care. The unit is comprise of 12 postpartum rooms on the fourth floor and 18 rooms on the third floor.

Easley Medical Campus

The Family Birthplace: Offers a wide range of OB/GYN nursing skills in newly renovated 13-bed LDRP unit. Nursing care includes OB triage patients, antepartum patients, labor, delivery, and recovery process, postpartum couplet care, Level 1 nursery care, and GYN post-surgical patient care. They also work closely with OB/GYNs and nurse midwives to offer hydrotherapy during labor and water births.

Program Structure
  • Structured orientation plan with (10-24 weeks, dependent on cohort) guided education, computer-based training content and precepted time with experienced RNs
  • Clinical, professional development and reflective practice sessions to aid in the development of self-care and resilienc
  • Simulation and skill lab experience using current professional curriculum, standards and evidence-based guideline
  • Interactive class and computer-based educational support from national nursing organizations per cohort-specific content
  • Engagement with Prisma Health-Upstate clinical experts and leaders in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care
  • Successful completion of weekly goals and objectives per cohort, in addition to a program and simulation competency final

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