Comprehensive Acute Care Cohort

Baptist Easley Hospital

Medical/Surgical: A 49-bed unit with cardiac telemetry monitoring available for 22 beds. Patient population is a combination of medical and surgical patients with common diagnoses of; sepsis, COPD, pneumonia, asthma, general surgery, orthopedic surgical, CVA, diabetes, CHF, chest pain rule out MI, post op pacemaker, and an infrequent surgical pediatric patient population. Therapies/bedside procedures on this unit include; BiPAP, thoracentesis, chest tubes, wound care, and surgical drains.

Greenville Memorial Medical Campus

Cardiac Telemetry: Specialty focus on treatment of heart failure patients. Patient population also includes pre and post cardiac cath, NSTEMI, arrhythmia management, and patients with advanced respiratory disease.

Medical Telemetry: Various patient management scenarios that require cardiac monitoring and titration of vasoactive drips.

Orthopaedic Trauma: Post-operative care of patients from surgical interventions.

Roger C. Peace Hospital: CARF accredited rehabilitation hospital caring for patients with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputee, and stroke.

Adult Oncology: Acute care of medical, gynecological and surgical oncology patient population that allows for a unique bonding experience in patient care. Adult Oncology also has a transplant program and a separate blood and marrow transplant unit.

Neuroscience: Acute care of the neurosurgical and neurological patient population, including; ischemic strokes, intracranial hemorrhages, endovascular patients, trauma patients, spine surgeries, craniotomies, and seizures.

Transitional Care: Medical surgical unit that exclusively specializes in the general inpatient hospice population.

General Surgery: Acute medical, surgical and interventional management of patient care after surgery or emergent admissions.

Cardiovascular and Monitored Surgery: Acute care of the cardiac patient after coronary artery bypass grafting.

Pulmonary Medicine: Management of heated high flow oxygen therapy, continuous pulse oximetry, telemetry, laryngectomy, ventilator therapy, chest tubes, BIPAP or CPAP therapy and trach care.

Surgical Specialty: Acute care of vascular and urology patients after emergent admissions or surgical intervention.

Coronary Interventional and Recovery Unit (CIRU): Acute care of patients with a primary diagnosis related to the heart.  The patients are pre and post CCL/EP lab interventional cases such as PCIs, TAVR, Watchman, Ablations, and device implants.

Marshall I. Pickens: A four unit inpatient psychiatric hospital caring for patients of all ages with varying mental health disorders. North Wing: General adult unit providing interdisciplinary care for a wide range of behavioral health issues. Intensive Management Unit: Provides care for those with more severe mental health problems. South Wing/Gero: Behavioral Health care for older adults. Child and Adolescent: Treats behavioral health problems for children ages 6-17.

Greer Memorial Hospital

Medical/Surgical Unit: Magnet community hospital; supports acute post-operative care for orthopedic, general and urological surgeries and admissions from the emergency room and physician practices.

Laurens County Hospital

Cardiac Telemetry Unit: Acute care for cardiac dysrhythmias, sepsis, acute renal failure, GI bleeding, stroke care requiring telemetry and vasoactive medication administration.

Med/Surg/Tele: Typically inpatient adults with actual or potential life-threatening medical/surgical conditions. May also include non-acute cardiac and non-cardiac chest pain patients monitored via remote cardiac monitors.

North Greenville Hospital

Long Term Acute Care (LTAC): This is a 45-bed hospital that includes a 12-bed ICU and 33-bed Medical-Surgical Unit. This hospital specializes in wound care, vent weaning and spinal cord injuries. LTACH is a CARF accredited hospital. Nurses are cross trained for both ICU and Med-Surg. The average length of stay for patients is 28 days.

Oconee Memorial Hospital

Medical/Surgical Unit: Supports acute post-operative care for orthopedic, ENT and internal medicine admissions. Also supports geriatrics, pediatrics, and palliative care.

Patewood Hospital

Short Stay Surgical: Post-operative care of elective surgery patients including total joint replacement/orthopedics, Women’s/GYN, ENT, plastics, and general surgery.

Program Structure
  • Structured orientation plan with (10-24 weeks, dependent on cohort) guided education, computer-based training content and precepted time with experienced RNs
  • Clinical, professional development and reflective practice sessions to aid in the development of self-care and resilience
  • Simulation and skill lab experience using current professional curriculum, standards and evidence-based guideline
  • Interactive class and computer-based educational support from national nursing organizations per cohort-specific content
  • Engagement with Prisma Health-Upstate clinical experts and leaders in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care
  • Successful completion of weekly goals and objectives per cohort, in addition to a program and simulation competency final

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