Ebola Preparedness

GHS Prepares for Ebola

GHS hosted a press conference on October 28, 2014, during the peak of Ebola transmission, to communicate its plan to treat Ebola patients should the need arise. GHS clinicians stressed to the news media and community that our highest priority is the safety of our employees, patients and visitors, and that we have extensive protocols in place to safely treat Ebola patients. We also stressed that, while the likelihood of an Ebola patient coming to GHS is very small, we are taking every precaution possible to protect our employees, patients and visitors.

GHS is part of a statewide regional referral system along with MUSC and Palmetto Health. As part of this regional referral system, all three organizations have agreed to help manage suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola. If a case of Ebola is diagnosed, the public will be notified.

Click here to read more about GHS’ readiness plan or watch the news conference.