Memory Health Program

Comprehensive Memory Evaluation

The Center for Success in Aging’s Memory Health Program offers a comprehensive evaluation which includes medical, cognitive, social and physical evaluations to diagnose memory conditions and develop a plan of care for patients and their family members or care partners. Our interdisciplinary team provides excellent care for those faced with the complex needs and changes related to memory changes and impairments.

Adults who exhibit any of the following may benefit from a memory health assessment:

  • Forgetfulness that disrupts daily life
  • Challenges or changes in ability to perform daily tasks
  • Getting lost when driving in familiar places
  • Difficulty finding words or repeating statements
  • Confusion with time or place
  • Exhibiting  poor judgment
  • Difficulty planning or problem solving
  • Misplacing items or finding something in an unusual place
  • Changes in mood, behavior or personality
  • Withdrawal from usual activities

Memory Health Program Services

  • Medical Management of mild cognitive impairment, memory loss, or dementia
  • Communication with patient’s primary care physician
  • Licensed Social Worker services and other professionals for support, coaching, education and referrals
  • Caregiver Resource Library – the gateway to information and resources to help you learn more about caregiving, managing stress, providing care, and other topics related to memory health and self-care
  • Educational and supportive events taught by experts in the field of memory health and geriatrics

A physician referral indicating mild cognitive impairment, memory loss, or dementia is required. Ask your physician to your physician complete and return the referral form below to our office.

Before Your Appointment

Once your appointment is scheduled, please complete our memory health questionnaire and bring it with you to our office on the day of your appointment.

How May We Help You?

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Listen in as Dr. James Davis explains the Memory Health Program and who may benefit from an assessment.

Caregiving ABC’s

A six-session program for caregivers

 #1: Alzheimers, Aging, and Assessment
#2: Behaviors, Beliefs, and Baggage we Bring
#3: Communication, Caring and Coping
#4: Driving, Dangers, and Drugs
#5: Elder Law (with Attorney Neil Rabon)
 #6: Expectations, Emergencies, and Enjoyment

Upcoming dates posting soon

older men and women at a support group in a lecture session aging