Open MRI

Open MRI: A Walk in the Park

The Greenville Health System (Prisma Health) is the only hospital in our region to offer the Ambient Experience Open MRI by Phillips.  This new technology offers physicians quality images and advanced capabilities while offering patients a soothing environment. 

Patients are comforted by the open design of the machine and the ability to select visual scenes that display on the curved walls of the room.  Patients can choose from a beach, safari, mountain and many other scenes.  The sounds associated with each of the scenes can be heard through a headset while the MRI is being performed.  In the future, the machine will have the capability of working with a patient’s iPod so the patient can listen to the music of his or her choice. 

Patients that may want to ask their physician about the Ambient Experience Open MRI include patients with claustrophobia, anxiety, obesity, and painful medical conditions by offering an open and comfortable MRI screening.

Radiology Services are available at all Prisma Health campus locations. Ask your physician if your specific procedure is available at the location most convenient for you. For pre-procedure instructions or information about a particular exam or procedure, ask your physician or call the scheduling office at (864) 455-7774.

Open MRI
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