Medical Massage

Medical massage is an effective method of reducing pain, establishing normal tissue tension and can normalize the movement of the musculoskeletal system. The Life Center offers the following medical massages by licensed massage therapists for inpatients on Greenville Memorial Medical Campus (physician referral required), and the public. Call (864) 455-4001 to inquire about inpatient massage.

Oncology Massage

Comfort-oriented touch promotes relaxation and helps reduce side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, fatigue, and pain.

Prenatal/Labor/Postnatal Massage

Conducted by a licensed massage therapist certified in prenatal/postnatal massage, this technique eases the stressful and painful effects of pregnancy and delivery on body posture. Prenatal massage can help decrease low back and hip pain, swelling, anxiety and depression, as well as promote circulation for efficient delivery of nutrients to the baby. Massage during labor can help the mother relax between contractions and ease muscle pain. Postnatal massage can help lessen post labor muscle soreness and the emotional tension of new motherhood.

Pre- and Post-surgery Massage

Massage can decrease anxiety, stress, nausea, and the need for pain medications; improve immune system function; increase stimulation of intestines and release of endorphins (your body’s natural pain killer); and relieve headaches caused by tension, constipation, or buildup of metabolic waste products.


A gentle, caring and professional touch can bring a sense of peace and comfort to patients and caregivers, releasing stress and enhancing self-worth.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome Massage

Helps to reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue and to improve sleep and quality of life.

Massage Therapy Rates

Service Member Rate Non-member Rate
30 minutes $45 $50
45 minutes $55 $60
1 hour $65 $70
1 ½ hours $90 $95
2 hours $110 $115
(5) 1 hour massage package $300 $325
(5) 1 1/2 hour massage package $425 $450
Add heated stones $10 per hour $10 per hour