Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy services are provided for the treatment of disease, injury and disability by assessment, examination and use of rehabilitative procedures in an effort to help patients achieve their maximum capabilities and reduce length of recovery.

Health Touch Rehab Services

Come see our new state-of-the-art facility located in the new outpatient facility of the hospital. The following services are available at Health Touch Rehabilitation Services through referral from a health care professional.

Physical Therapy

Licensed Physical Therapists evaluate and develop treatment plans with goals for patients of all ages. Physical Therapists along with Licensed Physical Therapy Assistants utilize various techniques including ultrasound, whirlpool, electrical muscle stimulation, manual techniques, individualized exercise programs and specialized exercise equipment to assist in your return to normal activity. Pediatric development play and neurological programs are also available.

Occupational Therapy

This program provides evaluations and treatment plans by a Licensed Occupational Therapist in an effort to help the patient gain independence in activities of daily living. These activities include but are not limited to: bathing, grooming, dressing, and hygiene. This program also restores function to hand and upper extremities following injury and/or surgery along with addressing fine motor skills, such as writing, cognitive visual/perceptive deficits for neurologically impaired.

Sports Therapy

Physical Therapists and/or Occupational Therapists evaluate and determine goals and treatment plans for the sports individual. Patients are evaluated and prescribed treatment plans for the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries which occur in either athletes or weekend warriors in any athletic related activity.

Speech Therapy

Certified Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in the following areas for patients who have impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, or changes in physical function and health status resulting from injury, disease and other causes.

We provide therapy for : excessive language disorders or delay, receptive language disorders or delay, articulation and phonological disorders, voice fluency (stuttering), social communication skills, swallowing disorders (cleft lip, cleft palate), auditory processing problems, language-based learning disorders, oral-motor disorders, resonance/airflow disorders, motor speech disorders (apraxia, dysarthria), aural rehabilitation, modified barium swallow studies and the new vitalstim therapy.

Other Services

  • Manual Therapy
  • Work Conditioning
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Wound Care
  • Work Hardening
  • Osteoporosis Program

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