Healthy Greenville 2036: Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it essential that we measure and report on one or more of the health outcomes in the RWJ rankings?  Can we measure outputs (number of meals, number of clients) that are correlated to the health outcomes instead?

The FY2018 Request for Proposal states, “The task force developed guiding principles that call for the utilization of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) as the foundation for the grantmaking, with measurement of community health progress documented by the County Health Rankings, a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.”

The RFP also states, “Successful applicants will … Propose an existing or new program/project that aligns with our goals and addresses at least one of Healthy Greenville 2036’s key measures of success.”

Will you share the PowerPoint slides presented at the public information meeting on October 18?

Thank you for your request. We have added the slides to the homepage of the website (within the timeline). You may also click here to access the presentation.

Will the LOI process be a type of “thumbs up-thumbs down” process?  For example, might an application be given feedback to scale up or down the dollar amount request or the scope of the project when invited to proceed to a full application rather than an outright denial?
The LOI review and determinations will be final. If you are not invited to submit an application this year, we will be glad to communicate with you about the decision.

Last year you did not allow religious organizations to apply. This year you are. Why is that?
A recent Supreme Court decision clarified that religious organizations may apply for public grant money, as long as the money is used for secular purposes.

Can  I upload documents to the Letter of Intent?
This feature is not available for the LOI process; but, if you are invited to complete a full application, the feature will be available to you.

Can an agency submit an application that would total more than $4 million, but spanning over several years? For example, would a grant application that totaled 8 million dollars over 10 years ($800k per year) be considered?
You may submit your grant request for any amount. Healthy Greenville 2036 will only award up to $4 million in one year.

May our LOI submission include salaries?
Yes, you may include salaries in your LOI and may want to note this in the “Use of Funds” section.

At what time is the deadline for submitting the LOI?
The deadline is technically 11:59 pm on the posted due date. As soon as the calendar rolls to 12:00 am, the website will no longer accept LOIs.

When we submit our 1000 character LOI, does that character count include spaces?
Yes, feel free to omit punctuation, if necessary (we understand).

Can collaborative partners be a for profit organizations in the LOI? or should they be listed as subcontractors?
For profit organizations are not eligible for a grant or to collaborate on a grant. If a subcontractor, you may list this information as part of the budget for your grant.

In the original FAQ, it was indicated that general operations will not be funded. But in the Greer FAQ, it states “It will be considered on a case-by-case basis and by the impact operations would have on the program proposed.”
Operations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

On the grant application site, can my organization upload documents? Yes

Greer is in Greenville and Spartanburg counties, how will you make sure the participants in a program are from Greenville County only?
The grant funds must benefit the residents of Greenville County; we understand that there may be some crossover in special circumstances like you describe.

Regarding the County Health Rankings, where is Greenville County ranked nationally? In the middle quartile

Will you review the rankings annually? Yes

Are you concentrating more on adults, adolescents, or children? We have no age parameters for the grant applications.

Are matching funds needed for this grant? No

Do you fund operations?
It will be considered on a case-by-case basis and by the impact operations would have on the program proposed.

Do you fund indirect costs?  These will be considered on a case-by case basis, but the indirect costs must be built into your overall budget.

Can the nonprofit be located outside of Greenville County?  Yes, the but work must be in Greenville County.

Is this the only time my organization can apply for a grant? No, you may apply every year over the 20-year life of the grants.

Do you need partnership letters with the LOI? No, not at this stage.


How much detail concerning the budget is required in the letter of inquiry? We may only have average costs at this time but would need additional time to get actual costs from vendors.

We suggest that you use as much detail as reasonably possible at this point in the process. You are welcome to add an explanation as you have above.

I am an employee of an organization and interested in doing research in one of the focus areas. Am I eligible to apply as an individual with an external institution or I will have to apply under my department/organization?

Healthy Greenville 2036 does not limit how you apply, individually or through your institution; however, your

Do you have to apply every year?
If you request a multi-year grant, you do not have to re-apply during the term of the grant. Annual reports, though, are required to be filed.

Will the grant fund the upfront cost of collaboration (i.e., the research/start-up required to make the collaboration work)?  Yes

Regarding the CHNA, it appears that the implementation plan includes a project that my organization may be interested in doing. Is GHS proceeding with the CHNA implementation plan?
Yes, Healthy Greenville 2036 is completely separate from the CHNA.

If my organization already collaborates with GHS, does it have to go through GHS’ internal submission process?
We cannot answer that question; please check with your organization and GHS.

Can an organization submit more than one LOI?
Yes, but each LOI will need to have a separate account creation.

How are measurements made for a grant program?
We are requesting that each organization state how they into to measure their success (Please see the next question for how the measurement will be reported).

How will project evaluations be made? Is there a uniform way to report success?
Yes, we will hold training sessions for grant recipients to instruct how to report your measurements of success.

If my organization is not awarded a grant this year, may we apply next year?

Where can I find GHA’s primary priorities and program objectives?
We have posted the Greenville Health Authority Strategic Plan for Health Impact on the website.

With county health ranking elements that are more adult-focused (with the exception of teen births and low birth weight), what is your suggestion for pediatric-focused community organizations who would like to apply?

We believe that all ages can benefit from Healthy Greenville 2036. Any category that doesn’t specify “adult” could be used for children, i.e., physical inactivity; access to exercise opportunities; poor or fair health; poor physical health days; poor mental health days, etc.

I am an independent counselor who would love to be apart of the Greenville Health 2036 intuitive. I know that I am unable to apply for the grant however will there be any notifications sent out on how other helping professions within the community can be apart of the initiative?

We will keep your name on file; however, you may want to check back with us in the Fall to see if there is an initiative where we can direct you to be a part.

I am curious if a For-Profit company can qualify for this grant? 

For-profit companies are not eligible to apply.

 A $250k grant is significant for smaller nonprofits, even if serving their population well currently. You mention collaboration in this case. Does 2036 have a convening approach based on subject matters 2036 sees as critical? Bringing together orgs to consider thinking out nuanced approaches would be great!  Yes, we can do ourselves, but much better to see the beacon and all walk to it than to see a bunch of fire flies and all walk in different directions.

We will certainly consider your approach as Letters of Intent and grants applications are submitted. We do encourage collaboration and agree with your assessment that we are better together!

Greenville Health System is going to use county money to fund grants instead of returning the money to the citizen’s of Greenville county. This an article in paper this week. I do not think that the citizens of Greenville county should pay for GHS PR campaigns. This money should go back to ALL the citizens not a select few

Please see Why is the Greenville Health System making this gift to the Greenville County community? and Answers A-G below.

Will you pay for capital expenditures?
We talked about this expenditure and have not said “no”. Capital will be considered in the overall context of the grant application and whether it meets the criteria of the four focus areas.

Can you apply for multiple projects?
Yes, but you will need to show how multiple projects work together in the focus area, or areas, chosen.

Can I submit more than one Letter of Intent (LOI) for my organization?
We do not limit the number of LOIs submitted; however, you can only submit one LOI per created account. If you want to submit more than one, you will need to create a second account and indicate it with a (2) by the organization name or different department.

I am a 501c3, can I collaborate with a for-profit entity?
No, all funds must be awarded to 501c3 non-profit organizations.

What is the minimum grant?
$250,000 (which can be a multi-year grant that adds up to $250,000, i.e., $50,000 a year for 5 years; or a minimum request of $250,000 for one or more years.)

What is the maximum grant?
$4 million

Do you limit how many applications can be made from within an academic or other institution?
No, the Greenville Health Authority does not limit the number of applications; however, some individual institutions may do so.

Will GHA fund all four areas of Greenville County equally?
It depends on the applications received from the areas and their merit.

Will every area of the County get a grant?
It depends on the applications submitted.

Will Healthy Greenville 2036 fund research?
Yes, medical research.

You indicate you will pay indirect cost on a case-by-case basis, can you explain?
Yes, we will consider indirect costs if the Letter of Intent is chosen to complete a full application, but will expect those costs to be included in the budget submitted and in the total grant request (not in addition to the grant).


Do you want only a single proposal from each institution, or can there be multiple submissions from a single institution? Fewer, larger proposals theoretically makes life easier for the reviewers and grants committee, but large institutions might then be inclined to shoe-horn unrelated projects together that are difficult to review effectively as a whole.

Healthy Greenville 2036 and the Greenville Health Authority Board of Trustees will not limit submissions from any institution or organization. Decisions on how many submissions are made are left to the institution/organization.

Can the grant be used to pay my medical bills?

Sorry, but no.

I heard from one of our community partners that there is an information meeting next week regard a GHS grant opportunity.  Just wondering why I hadn’t been invited to that or know about it.  I would love to go if I am available.  Can you please let me know the details?

No invitations were issued, but we did send a “Save the Date” to many organizations, but knowing that we could not capture every single worthy organization, we asked the recipients to feel free to pass along the information.

We released this information to the Media and issued a press release as soon as the Board of Trustees gave final approval on April 18, 2017. All information is found at:, including the dates, times and locations of the information sessions to be held next week. All questions should be submitted via so that we can post Q&As for the benefit of all who may be interested in applying.

In regards to the Healthy Greenville 2036 initiative, could a college/university servicing Oconee Memorial and Baptist Easley (both part of the GHS) qualify to apply for a Healthy Greenville 2036 grant?

Any college/university can apply; however, the grant work (project) must be done within Greenville County and for the benefit of Greenville County residents.


Why is the Greenville Health System making this gift to the Greenville County community?

A.  Greenville Health System (GHS) has had a longstanding commitment to the health and well-being of the communities it serves.

B.  Under the statute that created GHS (Act 432), it can do this by directly operating facilities and providing services or by contracting with others to provide these services.

C.  GHS determined last year to contract with a new not-for-profit to operate its facilities. Any facilities that were built in part using Greenville taxpayer dollars that are leased to the new entity will continue to be used for the benefit of the residents of Greenville County. There has been no change in the people of Greenville getting what they helped pay for.

D.  The new not-for-profit agreed to continue to provide to community benefit services, charity care and medical education programs consistent with what had been done in the past. The cost in 2017 alone for this is over $175 million.

E. In addition, it was decided that the new entity will provide an additional $4 million each year for the next 20 years to the lessor governmental entity (now known as the “Greenville Health Authority”) which will administer a grants program to support health-related care, health research and health education initiatives benefiting the residents of Greenville County.

The program is titled, “Healthy Greenville 2036”. This $80 million investment in the health of Greenville County’s residents is in addition to the over $175 million being invested annually in the community.

F.  Although the $80 million is equal to the amount of capital improvements paid by Greenville County taxpayers between1947 to 1997, it is not a payment for the sale of these assets. And the taxpayers of Greenville will continue to get the benefit of the assets, if any are still in use.

G.  The assets purchased with taxpayer funds, while significant, pale in comparison with the facilities built and equipment purchased by GHS. Since 1947, GHS has invested over more $2 billion in capital in our community. The tax supported investment is less than 3% of the total investment.

What is Greenville Health Authority trying to accomplish through Healthy Greenville 2036?

The vision of Healthy Greenville 2036 is that Greenville County will be healthiest county in America by 2036. This bold vision for a community of healthy, thriving individuals and families is supported by a mission statement: to fund health-related care, health research, and health education that improves the health of Greenville County residents.   Two goals will serve to keep the funding focused on achievement of the vision. Goal 1: make grants that improve health outcomes for Greenville County’s residents by preventing health problems through individual choices; providing access to health and medical care; and supporting medical education/health workforce needs. Goal 2: leverage existing community projects and partners to improve the health of people in Greenville County.

What organizations are eligible to submit a letter of intent?

Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)3 tax exempt status: community-based; healthcare providers regardless of affiliation (including GHS); non-GHS hospitals regardless of affiliation; academic institutions (schools, colleges, universities;) coalitions or collaboratives; religious organizations (as long as the project work is secular); and government agencies. Organizations of all budget sizes are welcome to submit a letter of intent.

Organizations must provide the program/project within Greenville County.

What organizations are not eligible to submit a letter of intent?

Nonprofit organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) tax exempt status are not eligible.  For-profit entitles are not eligible. Programs operating outside of Greenville County are not eligible.

Will grants be made to organizations operating outside Greenville County?


If an organization is headquartered outside of Greenville County but has programs in Greenville County, can they apply for funding for the program/project that is in Greenville County?

Yes, provided that all other criteria are met.

Is the Healthy Greenville 2036 website the only way to submit a letter of intent?


Can I mail or email my letter of intent to Healthy Greenville 2036?

No, all letters of intent must be submitted through the Healthy Greenville 2036 website as directed in the RFP:

If my organization or project receives funding from other foundations or United Way, am I still eligible to receive funding from Healthy Greenville 2036?


Will any grants be made without first submitting a letter of intent?


What percentage of the $4 million per year will be awarded in grants?

It is our intention to award up to 97% of the $4 million each year in grants. However, a small amount may be withheld each year for a contingency fund in the event there is a year when funding is not available. Future years’ grant awards are predicated on the satisfactory financial performance of GHS to continue to fund the program.

A $250,000 grant, even over multiple years, seems like a large amount for our organization. What are our options?

Your organization can collaborate/partner with other entities to submit a request, with your organizations’ program or project as part of a larger program or project. You can submit a request for multiple years, e.g. $50,000 per year for each of five years.

Will the grant funding be awarded equally among the four priority areas: access to healthcare; social determinants of health; mental health; and healthy eating and exercise?

Not necessarily. Grant funding will be awarded based on merit of the applications received and the ability of the programs/projects to move Greenville County toward being the healthiest county in America.

Will projects receive preference if they cover more than one of the four priority areas?

Being able to address more than one of the four priority areas may be helpful but it is not required to receive funding.

What is the role of the county health rankings ( in the grantmaking process?

The County Health Rankings are the measures that will be used to determine when Greenville County achieves its vision of being the healthiest county in America.  The metrics in the rankings should be used as a guide for your anticipated outcomes.

What is the role of the county health rankings ( in the grant evaluation process?

All grants will be evaluated based on their ability to make progress on one or more of the rankings.

Does Healthy Grenville 2036 fund only projects that are affiliated with Greenville Health System or its entities?

No.  All letters of intent will be considered based on their merits.

Does Healthy Greenville 2036 give preference to projects that are affiliated with or collaborating with Greenville Health System or its entities?

No. All letters of intent will be considered based on their merits.

Does Healthy Greenville 2036 fund capital campaigns or capital projects?

Maybe. If the capital campaign or capital project has a direct tie to at least one of the four priority areas and supports progress on Greenville County’s standing in the County Health Rankings, such campaigns or projects may be considered.

Does Healthy Greenville 2036 fund general operating support or day-to-day operations?


What costs are “allowable” in the grant (project) budget?

Costs of the program/project are allowed. The RFP contains details about allowable costs.

Does Healthy Greenville 2036 cover indirect costs?

Indirect costs will be considered on a case by case basis.

What assistance is available to my organization in creating my letter of intent (LOI)?

Healthy Greenville 2036 is unable to provide technical assistance or advisement about the crafting of letters of intent outside of what is in the RFP, FAQs, and discussion at community meetings.

What assistance is available to my organization if we are asked to submit a full application for funding?

Conference calls will be held on at least two days during July to answer questions about full applications for funding. Healthy Greenville 2036 strongly suggests participating in one of these conference calls by bringing your questions to the calls. If you are invited to submit a full application, Healthy Greenville 2036 will advise you as to the days/times of the Q&A conference calls.

Who do I call with questions?

Submit your questions to:

The Healthy Greenville 2036 website is the source of information about the grant process, in addition to the April community meetings.

These questions, along with additional questions submitted, will be posted at and available for anyone to see.

Who is reviewing the letters of intent and deciding who will be invited to submit a full grant application?

The Grants Committee will be utilizing a review-and-rank process based on the criteria in the RFP.  External expert reviewers will be recruited to assist in the review and ranking process, providing advice to the Grants Committee.

Who is reviewing the full grant applications and making the decisions about the grant awards?

The Grants Committee will be utilizing a review-and-rank process based on the criteria in the RFP.  External expert reviewers will be recruited to assist in the review and ranking process, providing advice to the Grants Committee.

If I receive a grant award, is my organization required to be able to collect data to support the outcomes of our work?


Will we need to hire an evaluator (contract or otherwise) to be able to comply with the terms of the grant award?

No. You should be prepared to collect data in your organization but you will not be required to hire an external evaluator. You may choose to do so but will not be required to do so.

Can we include the costs of evaluating our program or project in the grant budget when we submit our application to you?


If my organization is awarded a grant, how often will we need to report our progress to Healthy Greenville 2036?

At the close of each grant award period, which will be 12 months after you’ve received a grant.

Can my organization request an extension to submit our letter of intent?

No. All letters of intent must be submitted by the published deadline.

If my organization is invited to submit a full grant application, can we request an extension from the deadline we are given?

No. All applications must be submitted by the published deadline.