Healthy Greenville 2036

Healthy Greenville 2036: A bold health initiative for Greenville County

Resolution Grants Committee (LOIs invited to Apply) 06-07-2017
Healthy Greenville 2036 Strategic Plan UPDATED 06-07-2017
Healthy Greenville 2036 RFP for Grants Final UPDATED 06-07-2017
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Greenville Health System will provide $4 million each year for the About Healthy Greenville next 20 years to the Greenville Health Authority Board of Trustees, which will administer a grants program called Healthy Greenville 2036 in support of health-related care, health research and health education initiatives to benefit the residents of Greenville County.  

The grant-making will be driven by a Request for Proposal (RFP) that aligns with the grant-making initiative’s desired outcomes. Interested organizations are invited to submit letters of intent outlining their ideas. Following evaluation of the letters of intent, select organizations will be invited to submit a full application for funding. Funding will be awarded to those applicants who best meet the criteria outlined in the RFP, who demonstrate a track record of success with other health-related programs, and who are able to articulate how their program/project will move Greenville County toward our bold vision of being the healthiest county in America by 2036.

To be eligible to receive a grant, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a government agency, an academic institution, or a collaborative combination of these types of organizations. Collaboration is welcomed and encouraged. Programs and projects must directly benefit residents of Greenville County. The minimum grant will be $250,000 per year, with multi-year requests encouraged.

Legal Assurance of Compliance / Public Information:
All applicants become part of a public process, and the fact of their applying, along with information included in their applications, becomes part of the public record and is, therefore, public information. Grant recipients must comply with the SC Freedom of Information Act.

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