Talk with the Docs

It’s like having a doctor right there in your living room or office with Talk with the Docs, Prisma Health’ss series of Facebook Live broadcasts. Each broadcast will feature Cedrek McFadden, MD, and a guest doctor discussing a particular topic and answering questions submitted by viewers. Episodes will cover a broad range of health-related topics.

Upcoming Dates and Topics

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Past Episodes

Past Topics


October: Breast health—Wendy Cornett, MD 
Skin health and skin cancerCharlie Darragh, MD
July: Bariatric surgery—John Scott, MD
April: Infertility—Lisa Green, MD
March: Colorectal cancer—Jay Crockett, MD
February: Heart health—Eveleen Randall, MD
January: Health & wellness—Beth Morris, MD


December: Diabetes—Saria Saccocio, MD
November: ER vs. convenient/urgent care—Allan Gilmer, MD
October: Breast health—Brian McKinley, MD
September: Childhood obesity—Kerry Sease, MD, MPH
August: Back-to-school—Jeremy Byrd, MD