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Let’s face it—almost everyone wants to exercise. We know we need to do it to be healthy, and when we find the right kind of workout, it can be fun, too! The hard part, though, is figuring out what to do and getting into a routine. Maybe you don’t have the time or money to join a gym, or you’d rather work out at home but you aren’t sure exactly what to do. We’re ready to help.

This year, GHS is pleased to bring you MoveWell, the Upstate’s online fitness community. We’ll deliver great workout ideas to you each month via video, breaking them down into their individual movements so you can see exactly how to do them, whenever you want.

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Workout of the Month—January

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Reminder: All adults should aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week, which averages about 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. We recommend performing this workout routine 2-3 days a week (on non-consecutive days) and choosing other activities like jogging, biking, swimming, yoga or group fitness classes on the other 2-3 days of the week.


This month’s workout features 10 movements that can be performed using only a mat, a towel, a stopwatch or timer and your body. You can make each movement more challenging or easier, depending on your current fitness level. When the whole workout is performed, it provides a balanced dose of training for cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle endurance, balance and core stability.


Begin with a 4-5 minute total-body warm-up. Use the sample below or something similar, or go for a short walk and do a few stretches. Then perform the exercises in this workout in order, with intervals of 40 seconds work to 20 seconds rest. If you are new to exercise, complete the workout two times, taking 1-2 minutes of rest between the first round and the second round. If you’re feeling up to it, repeat the workout a third time. Finish with about 5 minutes of wrap-up and stretches using the sample wrap-up below or something similar.

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List of Exercises

Double-pump body squat

  • Make it Easier: Single body squat
  • Make it Harder: Add jumping

Push-up knee walk

  • Make it Easier: Kneeling push-up knee walk
  • Make it Harder: Push-up + alternate hip extension

Lateral hop tap

  • Make it Easier: Lateral side step
  • Make it Harder: Double-foot lateral hop

Single-leg reverse lunge with knee lift—right

  • Make it Easier: Single-leg reverse lunge
  • Make it Harder: Add straight-leg kick

Single-leg reverse lunge with knee lift—left

  • Make it Easier: Single-leg reverse lunge
  • Make it Harder: Add straight-leg kick

Tire run

  • Make it Easier: Wide/narrow march
  • Make it Harder: High-knee tire run

Cross-body V-sit towel twist

  • Make it Easier: V trunk rotation only
  • Make it Harder: Add overhead extension

Elbow plank alternate shoulder tap

  • Make it Easier: Kneeling elbow plank tap
  • Make it Harder: Elbow plank arm extension

Prone back extension snow angel

  • Make it Easier: Bent-arm back extension
  • Make it Harder: Add snow angel legs

Jumping jacks with overhead towel press

  • Make it Easier: 1/2 jack
  • Make it Harder: Air jack

Click here to open a playlist containing video demos of each movement in this month’s workout, including how to make them easier and harder depending on your fitness level.

Objective: This sample warm-up consists of 10 movement patterns organized to prepare the entire body for moderate to vigorous exercise. Movements should feel progressively larger and more challenging. The heart rate and core temperature should be slightly elevated at the completion of the sequence.

Instructions: Perform the movements in sequence, spending 30-60 seconds on each movement and transitioning immediately into the next exercise.

Total time: 5-10 minutes

  • Marching knee hug
  • Cross-body back step with overhead reach
  • Side shuffle + low reach
  • Low-intensity butt kicks
  • Alternating body hugs
  • Frankenstein cross-body kicks
  • Jump rope (invisible)
  • Side squat with towel chest press
  • Reverse lunge with towel overhead extension
  • Walking burpee

Objective: This sample wrap-up consists of movements and postures organized to help recover from a total-body exercise routine. The heart rate, breathing rate and core temperature should return to resting at the completion of the sequence.

Instructions: Perform the movements in sequence, spending 10-30 seconds on each posture and transitioning immediately into the next.

Total Time: 5 minutes (minimum)

  • Standing cat/cow stretch
  • Standing quadriceps stretch—right
  • Seated or standing figure-4 stretch—right
  • Standing forward fold
  • Standing quadriceps stretch—left
  • Seated or standing figure-4 stretch—left
  • Standing adductor stretch
  • Standing hip flexor stretch—right
  • Standing calf stretch—right
  • Standing hip flexor stretch—left
  • Standing calf stretch—left
  • Standing rear delt/lat stretch
  • Standing pec minor + major stretch
  • Standing trap stretch

Click here to open a YouTube playlist of all MoveWell movements used in workouts so far, then create your own workout by making them into a customized playlist!

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