Healthy Food Substitutions

Whats on your menu for Sunday dinner? Let’s make it healthy! Use the following substitutions to reduce the fat, sugar and cholesterol in your daily cooking. Make healthier choices to live healthier lives.

Instead of Butter, Shortening or Oil, Use: Applesauce, Mashed Banana, Avocado, Chia Seeds

Instead of Creamed Soups, Use: Mashed Potato Flakes or Pureed Carrots

When recipes call for Sugar, Use: Cinnamon, Honey or Applesauce

Instead of Heavy Whipping Cream, Use: Evaporated Milk

Instead of Chocolate Chips, Use: Carob Chips

When a recipe calls for Canola Oil, Use: Greek Yogurt

Instead of White Flour, Use: Black Bean Puree

Instead of Frosting, Use: Marshmallow Fluff

When a recipe calls for Eggs, Use: Chia Seeds

Instead of Pasta, Use: Zucchini Ribbons

Instead of Rice, Use: Grated Steamed Cauliflower

When a recipe calls for Mashed Potatoes, Use: Steamed Cauliflower

Instead of Cooking Spray, Use: Olive Oil and a little water

Instead of Cream, Use: Coconut Milk

When a recipe calls for Sour Cream, Use: Greek Yogurt

Instead of Tortillas, Use: Lettuce Leafs

Instead of Mayonnaise, Use: Mashed Avocado

When a recipe calls for Oatmeal, Use: Quinoa 


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