Minority Health Awareness

Minority Health Awareness

Bridging the gap through knowledge and awareness

Every person should have the opportunity to reach his or her full health potential. Unfortunately, there are barriers to good health that exist for many people. Some of these barriers include …

  • Lack of insurance
  • Access to transportation
  • Distrust of the medical community
  • Lack of access to healthy food

Watch as Dr. Alberto Lopez talks about cultural differences and maintaining health. Dr. Lopez is a physician with Simpsonville Family Medicine located at 1336 Hwy. 14 in Simpsonville. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lopez, or one of his partners, call 864-522-4700.

Prisma Healthà outreach programs help bridge the access gap between underserved communities and the health care their residents need.

No insurance? AccessHealth.

For tens of thousands of people in our community without health insurance, the cost of health care can prevent them from getting care when they need it. AccessHealth is a program that brings together a network of health care providers and community agencies focused on supporting the health and well-being of people who cannot afford to get care on their own.

AccessHealth is not insurance. It is a statewide network supported by The Duke Endowment to assist communities in creating and sustaining coordinated, data-driven networks of care that provide medical homes and ensure timely, affordable, high quality healthcare services for low income uninsured people in South Carolina.

Top Health Concerns

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Many health conditions affect minorities at higher rates than other groups. Early detection can help reduce these percentages and decrease illnesses and preventable diseases.

Mental Health

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The U.S. population continues to become more diverse. By 2044, more than half of all Americans are projected to belong to a minority group (any group other than non-Hispanic White alone).

Create Awareness

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Although many conditions affect minority communities more heavily than other groups, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about it. Know when to be screened!