Minority Health Awareness

Minority Health Awareness

Bridging the gap through knowledge and awareness

Every person should have the opportunity to reach his or her full health potential. Unfortunately, there are barriers to good health that exist for many people. Some of these barriers include …

  • Lack of insurance
  • Access to transportation
  • Distrust of the medical community
  • Lack of access to healthy food

Watch as Dr. Alberto Lopez talks about cultural differences and maintaining health.


For tens of thousands of people in our community without health insurance, the cost of health care can prevent them from getting care when they need it. AccessHealth is a program that brings together a network of health care providers and community agencies focused on supporting the health and well-being of people who cannot afford to get care on their own.

Get an Early Start

A father lifting his adorable daughter into the air while enjoying a day at the beach

Exercise comes in many forms and can be a lot of fun! With a little creativity you can easily add some fun physical activity into your parenting style.

Lead the way by setting a good example.

Do it together and make sure it’s quality time.

Make it fun by letting your child lead the activity.

Cheer them on by helping them find sports and activities that build their self esteem.

Turn off technology by leaving the cell phones behind and focus on each other.

As you model a healthy lifestyle you will help instill in your children lifelong habits and healthy attitudes toward exercise and physical activity.

Top Health Concerns

Senior African couple at breakfast table

Many health conditions affect minorities at higher rates than other groups. Early detection can help reduce these percentages and decrease illnesses.

Healthy Substitutions

Sign with Healthy Life Text on Green Forest.

Many foods are similar in taste, but have different nutritional value. Substituting healthier ingredients may provide results that lead to a longer and healthier life.

Create Awareness

Shot of a group of people warming up outdoors minority diversity physical activity exercise stretching

Although many conditions affect minority communities more heavily than other groups, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about it.