What’s new with the flu?

Flu season, which can last through March, has only just begun. Now is the time to get ready before peak flu activity hits.

The flu virus can spread within a six-foot radius by a sneeze or even saliva droplets, and you’re contagious 24 hours before you begin experiencing symptoms. Since the virus spreads so easily, contact with the virus is nearly impossible to avoid, so protection is key.

The flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from the flu. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends people six months and older receive an annual flu vaccine. A high dose flu vaccine is recommended for ages 65 and up. This vaccine is four times more potent and helps to increase the protection for the largest population of at-risk adults. You only need to get the shot once per flu season. In addition, you can boost your immunity by avoiding sugar, drinking water and taking vitamins and minerals.

So, what happens if you do get the flu? Here are some treatment ideas to manage the fever, aches and chest congestion.

Over-the-counter options:

Prescription options:

Natural remedy options:

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