Tips to survive spring allergies

Spring is in the air!  It’s a beautiful time of year.  The sun is starting to shine, flowers are blooming, grass is growing, and trees are coming to life!

But with all of that beauty comes the little particles we see flying around in the air, landing on our cars, and floating on the water; that thick yellow film that coats our cars throughout the day…POLLEN!  The good news, though, is that just like we can wash our cars to clean off that pollen, we can also wash our noses!

In fact, a very effective way to help relieve some allergy symptoms is to begin a daily or twice daily nasal saline irrigation. Irrigation bottles, salt packets and distilled water are readily available over-the-counter at most grocery stores and pharmacies. If you are doing irrigations, adding an antihistamine may be effective for you. You can also wash your face and hands when coming in from the outdoors, and for more significant allergy sufferers, a change of clothes after being outside can also help.

Upstate South Carolina is a region that has one of the highest allergen loads in the U.S.  Watch your local news stations for pollen counts, and if you suffer from severe allergies, consider indoor activities on the days pollen counts are very high.

Have you tried irrigations, over-the-counter medicines and environmental controls with no relief? Mountain Lakes ENT, Allergy and Hearing Center can help evaluate and treat your allergy needs. Call (864) 482-3122 to schedule an appointment today.

Kimberly Ostrowksi, DO, is an otolaryngologist with Mountain Lakes ENT, Allergy and Hearing Center. 

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