They didn’t know what to name their baby – then this happened

Andrea Smith and Brian Allen were having trouble settling on a name for the baby girl they were expecting in July of 2018 – their fifth child. They had been through the name books and seen some names they liked, but couldn’t decide. Among the favorites were Rachel – a name mom liked – and Harley – because dad owned two Harley Davidson motorcycles and enjoyed riding them.

While they had some time before the due date, the thing about babies is you just never know when they’re going to decide to show up. Andrea had a history of fast labor, so when she began to feel contractions on July 18, she and Brian didn’t waste time hanging around the house. They scampered to the car and headed for Oconee Memorial Hospital from their home on the western side of Westminster. But they only made it two miles before realizing they weren’t going to get to the hospital.

Baby Rachael visits with the care providers who inspired her name.

Andrea and Brian pulled into the parking lot at the Westminster Fire Department and called for help. A call was placed to the Oconee Memorial Hospital call center, and an emergency unit was dispatched. When the ambulance showed up, critical care paramedics Rachael Suber and Harley Chapman, RN, jumped out to assist with the delivery. Andrea and Brian’s baby girl was born onto the floorboard of their car. Rachael and Harley assessed the baby and provided care for both mom and baby, and even helped dad cut the umbilical cord when the time came. Mom and baby were then transported to OMH.

Upon Andrea’s discharge from the hospital two days later, the couple immediately returned to the Westminster Fire Department to present their newest family member – Rachel Harley Dawn Smith. The couple said they had named her in honor of the great providers who had cared for them. How strangely fateful that they had already been considering those names, they remarked. They stayed and visited for almost an hour before taking their daughter home.

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