Six fitness equipment essentials for home workouts

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Often times, the simplest methods of movement—such as walking, jogging, and performing equipment-free bodyweight exercises—can be the most beneficial means of getting and staying fit.
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Pumping pumpkins: A family-friendly fall workout

Grab the pumpkins off the front porch and get moving! This family-friendly workout is designed for all ages and abilities and is a great way to infuse movement into a fall gathering while enjoying one another’s company.
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Build your own home workout with these tools

Since beginning the MoveWell exercise anywhere program at Prisma Health this January, we’ve been cataloging the movements used in each monthly workout. There are now almost 50 different movements on our YouTube playlist, MoveWell Movements.
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Three steps to overcoming your fitness resolution failures

This was totally going to be the year, right? You were finally going to join the gym/lose weight/run a 5k/start doing yoga/ (fill in the blank with something else fitnessy). The first few weeks of January were really awesome. You made some changes, got into a rhythm … and then life happened and all of...
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