Response to CMS site survey

Greenville Memorial Hospital (GMH) is making changes to improve processes in its emergency department following a site survey by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which found that GMH was not in compliance with some CMS requirements.

The survey came after GMH notified CMS that the hospital had identified potential areas for improvement in the emergency department.

“Nearly all action plan items have already been initiated, and we feel confident that CMS will find our plan – and its implementation – satisfactory,” said Scott M. Sasser, MD, GHS’ chair of emergency medicine. “We do not anticipate any interruption of Medicare services, and we are committed to making improvements over and beyond what CMS requires. We’re proud of our public mission and the care we provide our community. GHS is absolutely committed to continuing to deliver high-quality care to every patient.”

The broad areas of concern cited by CMS under its conditions of participation include nursing services, patient rights and the governing body. The GMH action plan for the emergency department includes strengthening clinical documentation processes around patient care, increasing staffing and providing more intensive training.

“We take these issues very seriously and respect CMS’ judgment,” said Sasser. “Whether we have internal processes for improvement or have an opportunity presented to us by regulatory agencies, we welcome any opportunity to be better.”

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