Keys to success after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgeons are often given too much credit for the remarkable successes that patients demonstrate after bariatric surgery. Don’t get me wrong—I love to watch the incredible transformation of our bariatric patients and I am glad that my practice plays a role in that process. I think many people would be surprised to hear me say that the “surgery portion” of the overall experience is but a small part on the path to improving the health and well-being of the bariatric patient. A large percentage of the credit for the achievements of our patients needs to go back to the patients themselves. Preparation for surgery sets the tone for the procedure and recovery. There are several things one can do before surgery that will maximize results and decrease risk.

If patients follow these simple steps to prepare for bariatric surgery, they will enhance the overall experience and maximize the opportunity for improvement.

The team at Bariatric Solutions wants all of our patients to live longer and healthier lives, and we have the experience and personnel to help patients maximize their opportunities from bariatric surgery. If you’d like more information about weight-loss surgery, contact one of our offices in Greenville, Anderson or Greenwood.

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