How to help your kids (and yourself) be more active

In recent years, children and their families have become more inactive. Watching TV, playing video games, using computers and talking on the phone have gained popularity and steadily replaced more active pastimes such as going for walks, riding bikes, gardening, playing catch, kicking a ball or simply playing outside.

Why is this a problem? Here are a few reasons:

What causes us to be inactive?

In addition, inactive parents teach their children to be sedentary. Children need parents to model an active lifestyle to help them understand how to incorporate physical activity into their lives. Get moving together!

Limited access to places for activity also contributes to inactivity. It’s not uncommon for homes to be where there are …

What can parents do to promote activity?

Here are some ideas:

Laure Utecht, MD, is medical director of New Impact, a pediatric healthy lifestyles program offered by Prisma Health Children’s Hospital. To learn more about New Impact, click here.

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