Has aging hit your skin hard? Hit back!

With everyone posting the “How hard did aging hit you?” challenge on social media, you might be thinking more than usual about how your skin has aged. Here are three easy steps for preventing and reversing some of the effects of aging:

1) SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN! Sun exposure can be responsible for up to 90% of visible changes attributed to aging. Don’t forget your neck and chest as well! Look for a sunscreen with zinc oxide in it for optimal protection.

2) Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can improve the efficacy of your sunscreen, fight free-radical damage, produce collagen formation, and fade and prevent hyperpigmentation. In addition, vitamin C can improve skin texture. Using a product containing vitamin C is a must-do as part of your daily regimen, right behind using sunscreen.

3) Retinoids help speed up your cellular turnover rate and produce more even skin tone and more youthful appearance. You are aging every day, so you’ll want to take this preventive step every night!

Aging is not for sissies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep youthful-looking skin!

Maggie Kittredge, LMA, is a licensed medical aesthetician at Carolina Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics.

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