GHS committee gives preliminary approval to nominees for GHS-related boards

GREENVILLE, SC –The nominating committee of the Greenville Health System Board of Trustees on Tuesday recommended candidates to fill the open seats on the GHS Board of Trustees, as well candidates to fill the two broader boards that, along with GHS, will form the proposed not-for-profit multi-regional system.

The recommendations will go before the full GHS Board of Trustees on Wednesday, Feb. 17, for consideration.

“I want to thank our nominating committee for the long and deliberative discussion given this task,” said current GHS Board of Trustees Chairman Jim Morton. “Our goal was to nominate individuals to the GHS, Upstate Affiliate Organization and Strategic Coordinating Organization boards through carefully chosen guiding principles, which included broad professional competencies, diversity and community involvement. These proposed board members represent an exceptional pool of both community commitment and business acumen,” said Morton.

Many of the current and retiring members of the GHS Board of Trustees will serve on the new boards to help ensure continuity and adherence to the GHS mission.

Proposed new members for vacancies on the GHS Board of Trustees, which must be filled by residents of specific state house districts, include Rev. Sean D. Dogan, Leah D. Garrett and Peter B. Waldschmidt. These recommendations, once considered by the GHS Board of Trustees on Wednesday, must be nominated and approved by the Greenville County Legislative Delegation. In addition, candidates being nominated for appointment by the Greenville County Legislative Delegation to fill the vacant at-large seats are Scot L. Baddley, W. Michael Ellison and C. Michael Smith. In a related meeting on Tuesday, the GHS Board of Trustees governance committee nominated the following current trustees to serve as GHS board officers: Lisa Stevens, chair; Rev. Sean Dogan, vice chair; Michelle Seaver, secretary.

Individuals being recommended to serve as the initial board of directors for the Upstate Affiliate Organization, which will directly operate current GHS hospitals and facilities, are as follows: Charles E. Dalton, W. Michael Ellison, David M. Lominack, Robert T. Nitto, Richard A. Phillips, Timothy J. Reed, Ruth M. Richburg, Michelle B. Seaver, Rev. Thomas E. Simmons, C. Michael Smith, Benjamin B. Waters III, and Marguerite R. Wyche. The nominating committee recommended Marguerite R. Wyche, current GHS board member, serve as that board’s chairwoman.
Individuals being recommended to serve as the initial board of directors for the Strategic Coordinating Organization, which will provide strategic direction and corporate services for the system, are as follows: Craig Brown, Michael Cumby, Frances DeLoache Ellison, Annmarie Higgins, Anna Kate Hipp, Margaret L. Jenkins, Jennie M. Johnson, James C. Morton Jr., Prashant Prabhu, Lisa H. Stevens, Andrew J. White Jr., Benjamin H. Waters III, William M. Webster IV, Richard “Dick” Wilkerson, and Dwayne Wilson. The nominating committee recommended Frances Ellison serve as board chairwoman.

GHS has said the proposed new governance structure is needed to ensure that health care in the Upstate remains locally accessible and of high quality in the years to come. A multi-regional system will benefit residents by giving them increased access to integrated primary and specialty medical and surgical services, including some highly specialized services not readily available in most areas. Moreover, the new system will be able to better partner with others through joint-ventures, enabling access to additional sources of capital and expanded patient services. It will also be an attractive alternative for regional hospitals, physician groups, providers and employers to the large, non-South Carolina-based systems that are rapidly expanding in South Carolina.

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