GHS Children’s Hospital receives more than 100 pajamas

GREENVILLE, S.C. (July 12, 2017)—Emergencies involving a child being taken to the hospital can be an overwhelming experience and there often isn’t time to bring things that could make a hospital stay a little more comfortable. But, a local dental practice and its patients are helping the Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System by donating more than 100 pairs of pajamas.

GHS Children’s Hospital is often in need of pajamas. During the summer months, children might find their way to the hospital after an accident at camp or the pool and a fresh set of clothes is needed. Pajamas are often the ideal outfit.

“We decided that we wanted to support GHS Children’s Hospital and it was important to us that we donate items the hospital truly needed,” said Dr. Greg Ayers, ProGrin Dental’s CEO. “Once we learned that pajamas are often needed, it seemed like the perfect donation for us. We really appreciate the support that we received from our patients and various people across the Upstate who wanted to help.”

The practice requested pajama donations through its Facebook page and radio spots. Patients donated pajamas when coming in for dental appointments and others from the community visited ProGrin Dental locations in Greenville, Boiling Springs and Woodruff and left pajamas.

“GHS Children’s Hospital often benefits from the generosity of the Upstate and we appreciate this gift and the many people who supported ProGrin Dental to make it possible,” said Emily Durham, supervisor of Child Life Services for GHS Children’s Hospital. “These pajamas will help many young patients and take at least one item off of a family’s to-do list.”

The community can look for ways to support GHS Children’s Hospital by visiting to make donations toward common items needed.

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