Infographic: Making an impact with colorectal screening

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., but proper screening can help prevent those deaths. To schedule a screening colonoscopy, call (864) 455-9431. Note: Infographic has been updated to reflect the most current recommendations by the American Cancer Society.
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Infographic: How much exercise do you really need?

Exercise, healthy eating and regular doctor visits are all keys to a healthy lifestyle. If you’d like to connect with a doctor, call 1-844-447-3627 or visit
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Infographic: Cyberbullying

Click here for more information about bullying, including tips for those who think their child is being bullied and those who think their child may be bullying others.  
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Infographic: Six Tips for a Smooth Back-to-school Transition

Your child’s doctor can answer other questions you may have about your child’s back-to-school routine. If you need help finding a pediatrician, call 1-844-Prisma Health-DOCS (447-3627) or click here to see a listing of Prisma Health pediatricians.
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