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Changes in your breast: Normal or concerning?

Do you know what things to look for when performing a breast self-exam? It can be confusing to check your breasts when you aren’t sure what exactly you’re looking for. Many questions often come to mind: What are the worrisome signs? When should I contact my physician? It is important for women to have breast...
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Breast health blind spots

As we head into October, a cycle of predictable events unfolds. The leaves start to turn, the Clemson University football team revs up its National Championship machine and Breast Cancer Awareness Month arrives. Now, I can’t do anything to make nature’s paintings any better. Nor can I do anything about Clemson’s juggernaut – believe me,...
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Lifelong care for a lifelong condition

Vaniesha McFadden and her newborn baby daughter have a lot in common. Mothers and daughters often do, but this duo both share a diagnosis of sickle cell disease (SCD). And not only that, but they both receive treatment for the disease from the same program. Prisma Health’s Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program is one of...
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Prisma Health expands groundbreaking cancer therapies across more of S.C.

GREENVILLE, SC – Bolstered by an $8.2 million grant from the National Health Institutes, Prisma Health Cancer Institute will expand its groundbreaking cancer research into the Midlands. The additional clinical trials in the Midlands will launch this fall and initially target lymphomas, leukemia and solid tumors. “South Carolina is facing a health crisis, and for...
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When ‘adulting’ involves a cancer diagnosis

When one hears the terms “adolescent” and “young adult,” several things may come to mind. You may think about those in high school or college. Maybe you think about that whole period of time after college when you are trying to figure out how this whole “adulting” thing works. While there are many stressful factors...
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Breaking down the new mammography standards

Earlier this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed changes to mammography standards. These are the first changes to the regulation of mammography screenings in more than 20 years and will improve quality and modernize breast cancer screening. The key changes include providing patients with information about breast density, in the form of...
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Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness aims to identify, prevent cancer at earliest molecular development

GREENVILLE, S.C. – As someone familiar with the devastation of a loved one’s cancer diagnosis, Steve Johnson has long been an advocate for knowing his own risks for developing the disease. So when a genetic test revealed he carried a BRCA1 gene mutation, a high indicator for breast cancer, he suggested his three daughters get...
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Colorectal cancer: It’s not an old person’s disease

Colorectal cancer rates are rising in young people, but symptoms are often ignored. People under 50 may assume symptoms like rectal bleeding are simply related to hemorrhoids and only seek over-counter fixes. Likewise, they may be told their abdominal pain is only gas or related to constipation. Studies show that, in some cases, physicians diagnose...
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Blood in your urine? Here’s what you need to know

Blood in the urine is referred to as hematuria. This condition is broken up into two different categories: microscopic hematuria and gross hematuria. Microscopic hematuria is blood in your urine that you do not see. It is only visible under a microscope and detected on a urinalysis that your doctor has ordered. Gross hematuria is...
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New drug shows promise for some cancer types

While doctors most often receive information about new drugs from their professional societies and pharmaceutical representatives, every now and then, we get blind-sided. Such was the case recently with an oral drug I would soon learn was called Vitrakvi.
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