Prisma Health’s 2016 Employee of the Year is …

Robert Smith is the Prisma Health Larry M. Greer Stellar Service Award winner for 2016.

Each year we present this very special award to the one Prisma Health employee we believe has best demonstrated outstanding stellar service over the past 12 months.

As you can imagine, this is a very difficult decision because so many of our Prisma Health employees merit recognition this year for their outstanding customer service.

But once again, one Prisma Health star has shined the brightest among our stellar service award nominees.

Robert has received numerous STARS from patients, family members and co-workers. These STAR nominations reflect this employee’s compassion and caring attitude, and they express heartfelt appreciation from patients and co-workers that this employee has helped during their time here at Prisma Health.

Here are a few comments taken from the nomination forms of this year’s winner:

  • “very instrumental”
  • “keeps a sense of humor at all times”
  • “models behavior at work and in the community”
  • “persistent and professional”
  • “All nominations are of heroic proportions!”
  • “Does not look for recognition”
  • “He is a team player and respected by all staff and physicians”
  • “He makes time to talk to patients and family members and answer any questions to alleviate any stress. He has a large compassionate heart for his patients.”
  • “He is a pleasure to work with. He has demonstrated great strength in his CM skills with very difficult family dynamics in discharges. He is always willing to help!”

Robert began his career with Prisma Health in July 2004 as a social worker. In May 2008, he became a case manager. Today, he is the traumatic brain injury and cerebrovascular accident case manager for Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital. He leads the treatment team in interdisciplinary planning and facilitates family involvement in the rehabilitation process. His heart can be seen in his unwavering support and compassion for his patients and families which has been inspiring to others.

Oftentimes, Robert gets difficult cases but he does not let that affect the care he gives his patients or co-workers. He works very hard to help them and stands as a role model.

In one particular case, Robert helped secure a safe place for a former patient including helping to organize donations to furnish the apartment and helped them move in.  Three years later, Robert still checks on that patient and has regularly taken them to the grocery store and to visit their family.

In another case, he has taken a patient to social community outings since they are blind and have no family.

In the community, he counsels children and parents after hours. He stepped in with no hesitation as interim pastor when his church experienced the death of their pastor. And he is currently helping a person with legal issues by attending the court hearings to help them better understand things.

It is evidenced by these examples that Robert has a large compassionate heart, works very hard, always has a smile, and never says “I can’t” or “that’s not possible.”

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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