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Meet Dr. Right-for-You

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Infographic: How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

Find out how much you need and some examples of moderate-intensity physical activity in this infographic.

Diabetes Awareness Month

More than half of South Carolina adults have either prediabetes or diabetes—and many don’t even know it! Learn what you need to know at our Healthy All Year microsite.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Everything you need to know about dry eye: What are the symptoms and how is it diagnosed and treated? Find out in this helpful blog post.

Wellness Library

At Greenville Health System, our goal is not merely to treat you when you’re sick, but to help you stay healthy your whole life long. We want to help everyone in our community achieve their best health possible! We have lots of information and resources that can help with that goal, organized by topic. Check out a topic below to get started.

Talk with the Docs: ER vs. Urgent/Convenient Care

Allan Gilmer, medical director of MD360® Convenient Care, discusses the differences between a hospital emergency department and an urgent/convenient care facility in this episode of Talk with the Docs.

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