Patient Stories

[acc_item title=”Michael & Kelly Overcome Miscarriages”]

Michael and Kelly tried to start a family for years. The problem wasn’t getting pregnant; it was carrying a pregnancy full-term. After multiple miscarriages, the couple found Dr. Creighton Likes and Fertility Center of the Carolinas. Listen as they talk about cutting edge technology, Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), and how it changed their lives.


[acc_item title=”Nick & Angela Talk About Infertility”]

Nick and Angela’s four year battle with infertility was devastating. After years of seeking help from a variety of sources, they finally found someone who personalized a plan just for them. Watch to see why this couple chose Fertility Center of the Carolinas.


[acc_item title=”The Fertility Chase”]

Fertility Center of the Carolinas is proud to have been featured on The Fertility Chase. This compelling national television series was designed to educate, enlighten and empower women to make the best choice when it comes to their fertility.


[acc_item title=”Jeff & Amory’s Journey”]

Dreams do come true, some more quickly than others. Watch as Jeff and Amory share their story of patience and courage along the journey to parenthood.


[acc_item title=”Wimberly’s Dream Comes True”]

I would like to express a sincere thank you to the doctors, nurses, and staff at the Fertility Center of the Carolinas. We started our fertility journey in January 2013 with high hopes of becoming pregnant within those first few months. Unfortunately, we were let down month after month with negative pregnancy tests.

In November 2013, we were referred to the Fertility Center of the Carolinas by our OB doctor. We met with Dr. Likes because of a dilated/blocked left fallopian tube. Dr. Likes sat down with my husband and me to discuss the details about surgical intervention along with all the components of infertility. We felt very confident in Dr. Likes and moving forward in the infertility process.

After Dr. Likes removed my left fallopian tube, I began taking hormones to help with my cycle. I was very nervous about pursuing further options such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and/or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) however, Dr. Likes was very patient and listened to our fears, hopes, and desires.

After several months without success on hormones alone, my husband and I decided we were ready to try IUI. On June 30th, 2014 we had our first round of IUI. With hopes undoubtedly high, the 2 week wait was excruciating. On July, 14th 2014 we took a pregnancy test, and finally…finally we had a positive test! The next few days and weeks were a roller coaster of ultrasounds and blood tests but it was real, we were finally pregnant after 1 ½ years of trying to conceive. As difficult as infertility was for my husband and me, we were cared for and supported throughout the entire process by the staff at the Fertility Center of the Carolinas.

From the front office staff, to the ultrasound techs, to the nurses, to the doctors – I cannot thank you all enough for giving us a chance to be parents, a chance to raise and love the child we’ve dreamed about for so very long. We are looking forward to visiting the Fertility Center of the Carolinas and letting them meet our little girl, Lilla.


[acc_item title=”Brantley’s Story…Never Give Up”]

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

In February 2011, my husband and I got the best news! We were expecting. We were a bit in shock, because we got pregnant almost instantly, but we were so excited! We never thought anything could go wrong, so we told all of our family and we enjoyed every moment of knowing that we would soon be parents. Sadly, at week 9, we found out our sweet baby had stopped growing. I was experiencing a silent miscarriage. Our hearts were broken and while we both struggled with the loss, I truly suffered.

After a few months, we began trying again. We had no luck. Our OB thought that I should come see Dr. Miller. He believed we would have no problems getting pregnant again…just thought I was mourning and creating too much stress for my body, so it was preventing us from pregnancy.

Soon after we met with Dr. Miller, we began a few tests. Everything seemed to be fine. My husband was healthy and I was, too. There were no blaring reasons to think that after a little Clomid, we wouldn’t soon be pregnant again. We tried Clomid for 3 months, then, we tried Femara. No luck. I agreed to a quick surgery to make sure there was nothing wrong with me that couldn’t be seen from the ultrasounds. Again, no major problems. We decided to try shots and TI for 3 months. Again, no luck. So many of my friends were having their second babies and I was truly struggling with the fear that we may never be able to get pregnant again. I just didn’t understand why we were having such problems, but all of the stress was also beginning to take it’s toll, so we decided to take a break for a few months…see if “when we stopped trying, it just happened.” So many people say that is the trick. No luck.

In January of 2013, we went back to Dr. Miller and this time, after reviewing my charts further and having some new ultrasounds, it was discovered that I had mild PCOS. We made a new plan…try IUI and if that didn’t work, we would move on to IVF. We experienced two failed IUIs, and then, in May of 2013, we had our IVF transfer. 44 eggs were retrieved – 16 were immediately frozen because I had so many, but 28 were “stripped down”. I will never forget the call I got from Dr. Miller – he called to give me our results. After stripping down the 28 eggs, there was some “gray news” – only 5 were good – that is not a good ratio, but he told me “it only takes one”. But, those 5 would have to survive for the next 3 days. I immediately went to church to pray. While I was there, I met a lady who Dr. Miller had also helped and she had a son. HOPE! She prayed with me and I began to have such peace about our journey. I believed this would work, although I was still slightly fearful, for the first time, I had more hope than fear. GOOD NEWS CAME! At Day 3, all 5 were still doing great and they were good quality. We transferred back 2 – Grade 1 embryos. It was a special day!

After that, I rested and prayed and waited and rested and prayed and waited. Worried I would over stem, I was very cautious….cautious, hopeful, worried, anxious, excited, scared…And, then…blood test day! I couldn’t wait to hear our results. And, that afternoon, we got the greatest news we had ever heard! We were expecting. Our son was born in February 2014 – he was 10 pounds and 3 ounces – he was prefect and he is the light of our lives…happy, healthy, busy and all boy!

We had the best experience at FCC! We love all of the doctors, we love all of the nurses, and we are so thankful that they helped make our dreams come true. THANK YOU, FCC!



What Else Are Our Patients Saying?

“Dr. Likes’s nurse Lynn is so helpful, encouraging and positive. I looked forward to seeing her every visit, and hoped she would be there each time.”

“Dr. Miller was referred to me from a co-worker and I couldn’t be more thankful. He is the perfect mix of skill w/what he does as a doctor and was very personable, caring and concerned. I appreciate that he doesn’t just listen. He’ll even take notes, which shows concern and thoroughness. Explains things well without “talking down.” Truly is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had.”

“The nurses are wonderful! Susan is very encouraging and informative. All my phone calls have been returned quickly and questions answered.”

“Dr. Lessey was awesome.”

“Everyone was very courteous and professional.”

“Dr. Likes and the office staff have consistently exceeded expectations. They have provided my wife and I with the best care of any medical group that I have experienced. I wish that all medical visits ran this way!”

“Dr. Forstein, his nurses and his office staff are the very best. I recommend them to everyone experiencing issues with infertility. Dr. Forstein and everyone at FCC are warm and caring and their services are nothing short of life-changing. We credit them with helping us to start and grow a family, and providing compassionate, expert care during the family building process. I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with this group.”

“Dr. Forstein and staff are excellent!”

“Amazing physician and great office. Both my husband and I call Dr. Miller our “Hormone Guru.” He has been able to get me straightened out when no one else could.”

“Dr. Miller puts me at ease to talk, and he listens to me and doesn’t seem in a hurry. He does not make me feel like he thinks it’s all in my head.”

“Great care & ease of anxiety w/the procedure. Explained everything in detail & was very personable & friendly. EXCELLENT CARE!!!!”

“My care with Dr. Forstein’s office was exceptional and continues to be exceptional. It has far surpassed my expectations!”

“I cannot say enough good about Paul Miller and his staff. Dr. Miller took EXCELLENT care of me before, during and now after my surgery. I will return to him indefinitely with any other health care concerns. He is a wonderful doctor and did a great job on this surgery, which for me was a scary thing to anticipate and go through.”

“Susan and Lynn are wonderful nurses and you are all very lucky to have them as part of your staff. I commend them on their knowledge, understanding and promptness to return a call.”

“Excellent staff and physician. Was recommended to me and I will highly recommend to others.”