Fertility Preservation

Know Your Preservation Options

Women and men with cancer face many unknowns regarding their future health. Fortunately, modern therapeutic options have improved the survival rate for nearly all forms of cancer. This success often comes at the expense of reproductive function, which may be irreversibly damaged during therapy. Therefore, a thorough discussion of fertility preservation options is appropriate for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with cancer of any kind.

Fertility Center of the Carolinas, a part of Prisma Health, offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of fertility and hormonal disorders for couples throughout the region. With our combination of research, technology and fertility expertise, we are honored to  assist and educate cancer patients regarding reproductive options.

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Natural Fertility Counseling

Couples learn what their future fertility potential after cancer diagnosis will be based on age, diagnosis, and planned course of cancer treatment. The impact of future pregnancy on cancer recurrence is also discussed.

Fertility Preserving Therapy

The possibility of pre-treatment to lessen the effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy will be explored, along with implications for future family building.

Gamete (Sperm and Egg) Freezing

The process of screening and collecting sperm or eggs for freezing and storage will be discussed, along with future chances of success.

Embryo Freezing

Long-considered the gold standard for preserving fertility, couples will gain a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits of embryo freezing and storage.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

For those who may be carriers of genetic mutations known to impart cancer risk, embryo testing may be used to lower that risk for future generations.

All treatment decisions are made with close communication and coordination with your oncologist. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision regarding your reproductive future. For more information, call Fertility Center of the Carolinas at 864-455-HOPE (4673).