Donor Egg Program

Give the Gift of Life

Consider becoming an egg donor today. Your generous gift of oocytes will change someone else’s life. If you are someone seeking egg donation, contact us at 864-455-1600. We work with outstanding, caring GHS physicians and nurses who will help you achieve the goal of pregnancy. If you are interested in becoming a part of the solution for couples trying to start a family, contact us. If you are interested in egg donation, let us know. We can help.

Motherhood is such a blessing!

Donor eggs provide the chance for a woman to physically birth a child of her own and to experience the warmth of motherhood. It is a kind and generous woman that takes the time and cares enough to donate her own eggs.

Information for Recipient Couples

Egg (oocyte) donation is the gift of human eggs to women who otherwise might be unable to have the experience of pregnancy. Egg donation also enables men to have biologic children even when their partner is not able to achieve pregnancy with her own eggs.

The egg donation process involves selection of a qualified egg donor who will undergo the hormone stimulation and procedures necessary to both develop and retrieve eggs. The donor is provided with follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and other medications that help the eggs develop. When her eggs are mature, she will undergo a procedure to harvest those eggs. In laboratory, the eggs are then fertilized with the sperm of the recipient’s partner or in some cases donor sperm. The embryos that develop are then placed into the womb of the recipient who carries the pregnancy.

Egg donation opens up reproductive possibilities for couples to start complete their family. We actively involve couples in the donor matching process and pay careful attention to the specific needs and desires of the recipient couple. We are doing everything to make this process as straight-forward as possible for the couples and to keep the waiting time to a minimum. For more information about becoming a recipient of donated eggs, Click Here.

Contact Fertility Center of the Carolinas at (864) 455-1600 to learn more, or to schedule a consultation today at one of our four convenient locations in Greenville, Spartanburg or Anderson.