What to Expect During Delivery

Vaginal Delivery
For a routine vaginal delivery, you will likely be admitted to the Family Birthplace unit following evaluation in the sixth floor OB triage area.

An IV will be started by the nursing staff to provide hydration during the labor process. Two monitors will be placed onto your abdomen, for evaluation of the baby’s heart rate and monitoring of uterine contractions. An IV medication called pitocin may be started by your physician to regulate your contractions. If your Group B Strep culture was positive in our office, IV antibiotics will also be started at this time. Examinations will be performed by the labor and delivery nurses and your physician to monitor your progress in labor.

Pain Control
Pain control in labor may be addressed at your request. IV pain medications are commonly used during early labor, but can be sedating to the baby if given near delivery. Epidural analgesia is a common, effective means of pain control, which does not have a sedative effect on the baby. We recommend that all patients have a consultation with the anesthetist or anesthesiologist upon admission to labor and delivery. This is useful in the event of an urgent cesarean delivery, requiring anesthesia or to simply provide additional information about epidural analgesia. We will also support you in your desire for a natural childbirth experience. Simply advise our staff of your preference. Make sure you share a copy of your birth plan with your healthcare providers.

The physicians at Premier Women’s Care want your delivery experience to be customized as much as possible to your desires. We do not routinely perform episiotomies with delivery, but may need to if special circumstances require this. Likewise, if there is a need to accelerate the delivery process, a vacuum-assisted delivery may be required. Your physician will communicate with you the need for such procedures during your delivery.

Unless your baby is having some difficulty with the transition after birth, we will offer your support person the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord after birth. We will then deliver the baby onto your abdomen and offer you the baby to hold immediately after birth.

Newborn Care
Administration of routine newborn medications (antibiotic ointment, Vitamin K injections) may be given at the discretion of the parents. If you do not wish for these routine medications to be administered to your baby, we recommend that you discuss this with your pediatrician prior to delivery and notify the delivery attendants of your wishes.

Mothers who wish to breastfeed should begin this process shortly following delivery. Please advise your labor and delivery nurse of your desire to breastfeed, and she will assist with this process. If you have concerns about the use of pacifiers or bottle-feeding, please notify your nurse, so that your wishes will be observed.

Cesarean Delivery
A cesarean delivery may be previously scheduled or may occur due to complications during the labor process. Your physician will discuss the risks of cesarean delivery with you, if this procedure is required.

Pain Control
During this surgical procedure, epidural or spinal anesthesia may be used or general anesthesia may be necessary for an urgent delivery.

In the Operating Area
A support person may be present with you during the cesarean delivery, if epidural or spinal anesthesia is used. Please feel free to bring a camera with you to the operating area. The staff will be happy to assist with pictures after your baby is delivered.

In the Recovery Area
You will spend time in the post-operative recovery area after your cesarean delivery. After your condition is stabilized, you will be transferred to a postpartum room for the remainder of your hospital stay.

Your Birth Plan
If you have a birth plan, make sure you share it with your physician and nurses prior to delivery. Remember, a birth plan is a guideline. You should always remain flexible as circumstances may change quickly during delivery.

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