Classes, Tours & Support Groups

Experts at Prisma Health offer classes to help moms, dads, guardians and siblings prepare for the birth of a new baby. Topics cover childbirth, breastfeeding, infant CPR and more.

Expectant moms should register for prepared childbirth classes by the fifth month of pregnancy for the best selection of class dates and times. Ideally, try to complete prepared childbirth classes four to six weeks before your due date.

Prisma Health currently has five birth facilities in the Upstate. While we deliver high-quality family-centered maternity care at each location, classes offered at each facility may vary.

Upcoming Classes

Prisma Health is pleased to offer education classes and programs to improve your family’s health. Here is a list of upcoming offerings. Most of these are free of charge, but registration is required. For additional information about classes offered including registration, locations, dates, times and fees (if applicable), call 1-877-447-4636 or search our events calendar below. When searching the events calendar, use keywords such as OB, breastfeeding, infant, etc.

Events Calendar

Prepared Childbirth classes

Obstetric nurses help expectant parents understand the entire birth process including: coping with third trimester discomfort, how to know when you are in labor, stages of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques as well as other options for pain relief, and postpartum care.

Breastfeeding classes

Taught by a certified lactation consultant, this class prepares couples for the breastfeeding experience and offers practical solutions for common health problems.

Sibling classes

Prepare older siblings ages 3 through 8 for the birth of your baby.

Friends and Family CPR classes

Taught by a certified CPR instructor, this class uses American Heart Association guidelines to teach you how to reduce hazards in your child’s environment and trains you to perform CPR on an infant. Not recommended for women in their last trimester.

OB Tours

Tours are offered at each facility where babies are delivered, including:

Take a walk-through tour of the birth facility where you will be delivering your baby. Learn what to bring with you and what to expect during your stay.