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How many weeks pregnant am I?

Ever wonder how the doctor calculates your due date?

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How long is each Trimester?

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. What’s a trimester, and how do they differ from each other?

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When will my belly begin to show?

Wondering when you’ll begin to see that baby bump?

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When should I tell people I’m pregnant?

You’ll have to decide when is the right time to tell friends and family you’re pregnant.

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First Trimester Checklist

Thinking about everything you need to do during pregnancy can be overwhelming! Here’s a first-trimester checklist to help you remember everything.

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What’s the best way to manage morning sickness?

One of the main things on your mind these days may be that seemingly ever-present feeling of nausea. What’s up with morning sickness, and when will it go away?

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What’s the Difference?

A midwife, an OB/GYN doctor and a family medicine doctor all have something to do with women’s health. Learn the differences between each type of professional.

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How to Deliver the Big News?

Once you’ve figured out when you plan to tell friends and family you’re pregnant, you might be wondering how to do it.

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Wondering where to start with baby’s nursery?

Check out our tips to help get your thoughts together.

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5 Pregnancy Fears

Read about some common pregnancy fears, and find information to calm any nerves you may be experiencing.

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Planning A Babymoon?

We tell you everything you need to know to have a healthy, happy getaway.

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The Idea of Stretchmarks Stressing You Out?

Are you already concerned about what those stretch marks are going to look like after your pregnancy? Learn how to reduce the chance of developing them.

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When will you start to feel your baby kicking?

It’s exciting to feel your baby move—a little person is growing inside you!

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What to Expect at Your Mid-pregnancy Ultrasound

Your mid-pregnancy ultrasound gives you a sneak peek of your little one.

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Which baby items are truly essential?

The number and variety of baby-related products on the market can easily be overwhelming. Find out which are truly useful and which can be skipped.

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Second Trimester Checklist

Our second trimester checklist can help you get organized and feel more prepared for baby.

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Exercising While Pregnant

Is it safe to exercise while you’re pregnant? Get the scoop!

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Creative gender reveals

If you choose to reveal your baby’s gender, these creative ideas can help you make a memorable announcement.

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What’s that Dark Line on my Belly?

Have you noticed a dark line running downward from your belly button?

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When will other people be able to feel the baby kick?

When will your partner, family and friends be able to feel the baby kick? We’ll tell you!

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10 strange things that happen to your body during pregnancy

Pregnancy is miraculous, but it also can cause some pretty freaky changes in your body.

Here’s What You May Experience

How to handle mood swings

Pregnancy can cause a rollercoaster of emotions. Learn the real deal on how to handle mood swings.

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Easing bloating and indigestion during pregnancy

Ease gas, bloating and indigestion during pregnancy.

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Should you stop working during pregnancy?

Unsure when to stop working before baby arrives?

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Third trimester checklist

Make the most of your third trimester and prepare for baby with this handy checklist.

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Designing an eco-friendly nursery

Designing an eco-friendly nursery is easier than you think

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Creating your birth plan

It’s time to create your birth plan.

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Is it safe to sleep on your back?

Is it safe to sleep on your back during the third trimester?

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Handle pregnancy faux pas with grace

Learn how to handle pregnancy faux pas—like rude comments from strangers—with grace.

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Why am I always hot?

Wondering why you always feel hot?

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Having a C-section? Here’s what to expect

What no one tells you about having a C-section.

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The best positions for intimacy during the third trimester

Trying to figure out how you can stay comfortable while being intimate with your partner?

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How to get better sleep during pregnancy

Feeling more tired than ever? Here are some helpful tips for getting a better night’s sleep.

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What to pack in your hospital bag

Not sure what to pack in your hospital bag?

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Signs you’re in labor

How do you know when you’re in labor?

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Eight common labor and delivery worries

Eight common labor and delivery worries: Should you be concerned?

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