Birthplace at Baptist Easley

When you step foot into The Birthplace at Baptist Easley Hospital, you can feel the care and level of detail that have been put into this special part of our campus. From the most sophisticated fetal monitoring equipment available, to a high-tech infant security system, all of the most modern birthing technology is right here.

The Birthplace at Baptist Easley Hospital was designed and created with people in mind—putting the focus on you and your family. Patients get personal, individualized care and can participate in planning their own, special birth experiences.

Remote fetal heart monitors at Birthplace!

Freedom! Your body tells you what you need to do as you go through the labor and delivery process. Our remote fetal heart monitors (using advanced telemetry technology) lets us keep track of your baby’s vitals, while you sit up, walk around, take a bath or shower—whatever makes you most comfortable.

Childbirth and Centering Classes

The more you know the better you do. The Birthplace offers expectant moms childbirth classes to prepare you for that big day. And for parents who want to take it to the next level, Centering allows you to engage from the beginning of your pregnancy and bond with other moms “in your class.”

Quiet Time

Your family is about mom, dad, and baby. Quiet time gives you the time and space to bond with your baby in a focused quiet way.

Birthing Ball and Peanuts

Work with your body! For moms who want a natural delivery, The Birthplace offers birthing balls and peanuts (a specialized type of birthing ball) to shorten labor time, decrease pain in the natural delivery process, and reduce the need for C-section.


Baptist Easley Hospital has two licensed registered nurse midwives offering midwifery care including water labor and water births.

Special Care Nursery

While we always expect the birth of a baby to be uncomplicated, sometimes the unexpected happens. It’s comforting to know the Birthplace has specially trained registered nurses to meet those needs. The nursery is equipped with specially designed beds and state-of-the-art technology including monitors, ventilators, intravenous infusion pumps and telemedicine affording direct viewing and communication with neonatalogists at Greenville Memorial Hospital‘s Level III nursery.

Our trained staff provides care for infants with:
Suspected or confirmed sepsis (infection)
Respiratory difficulties requiring oxygen by hood or cannula
Metabolic needs such as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
Jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia) requiring phototherapy

At the Birthplace, we understand the need for special care may be stressful and overwhelming for parents. We want parents to be involved in their infant’s care without having a long commute to do so.