Online Support Groups

Pre-surgery prep class

Nurse class: “Medical considerations before and after surgery”
Become familiar with common pre- and post-op issues and learn how to identify them and possibly avoid potential problems.

Dietitian class: “Eating healthy through the summer”
Review the basic steps to healthy nutrition and healthy eating habits. Discuss how to use the healthy plate model in choosing appropriate healthy foods and portions.

Psychological class- “Emotional eating”
Overcoming emotional eating, identify emotional eating behaviors and learn new strategies to cope with emotions.

Surgery 101
Discuss pre-surgical nutrition and psychological evaluations along with other medical clearances required for surgery. Review patient responsibilities before surgery, including following the four week 1200 calorie pre-surgical diet for optimal surgical outcomes.

Nutrition 101
Review important nutrition practices to start before and continue after surgery. Learn how to begin making diet and lifestyle changes now to help surgery be your tool to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

Physician classes

Dr. Eichhorn: “The scales tip”
Discuss how a wide range of lifestyle factors influence one’s ability to develop successful habits. Provide a structure for identifying barriers and teach a set of skills that allow the participant to identify barriers, problem solve and set goals, and adjust to goals over time to support long-term successful habits and weight loss.

Dr. Scott: “Keys to success”
Discuss pre-surgical life-style changes needed for optimal post-operative results.

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