Our Affiliate System

We are building one organization with affiliates in two regions. Our parent company, now known as Prisma Health, supports both affiliates with overall direction and leadership as we continue to align. We will soon share one brand across the entire organization to better reflect this. The rebranded Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group will continue to operate as a joint venture between the Midlands affiliate and the USC School of Medicine.

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We are becoming Prisma Health in early 2019

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It’s not about the weight you lose – it’s about the life you gain. You have so much more life to live! If you are ready to start your weight loss journey we encourage you to contact one of our offices today.


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Along with the extensive education that our program offers, Bariatric Solutions encourages all patients to research every aspect of bariatric surgery. Education is the best pre-operative tool.






Pre-Surgery Diet Class

Approaching Surgery and Full Liquid 1 Post-Op Diet
Review pre-op instructions for the day before and day of surgery and review diet instructions for the first week after surgery.
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Review vitamin supplementation needs for after surgery
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Review exercise restrictions and goals for after surgery
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Potential Nutrition-Related Complications
Discuss common post-op nutrition related complications. Review ways to manage and prevent symptoms. Discuss appropriate foods and meal ideas to prevent complications.
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Post-Op Diet Instructions

Review the post-op diet progressions and guidelines based on where you are in your surgery journey

Week 2-3 Post-Op
Full Liquid 2 Diet

Week 4-5 Post-Op
Soft Solid Food Diet

Week 6 and beyond Post-Op
The Regular Solid Food Diet

Bariatric Solutions

Greenville: (864) 676-1072

Anderson: (864) 226-2290

Greenwood: (864) 227-8932


Credit Program

Bariatric Solutions offers patients a credit program that can be used toward any expenses and services. Patients can apply online at www.patientfinancing.com to pay for any bariatric procedure. This program is offered through Prosper Healthcare Lending. Once you complete the online application you will receive an answer in minutes.

Bariatric News

Healthy snack ideas for kids (and adults!)

When the kids roll in from school, often the first words out of their mouths are, “I’m hungry!” So what’s a parent to do when it comes to balancing hearty young appetites with the pursuit of good health? Here are some tips:
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Most common vitamin deficiencies after bariatric surgery

One of the most common complications after bariatric surgery is vitamin deficiencies. 
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Keys to success after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgeons are often given too much credit for the remarkable successes that patients demonstrate after bariatric surgery.
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Bariatric surgery and exercise

Physical activity is defined as movement of one’s body produced by the contraction of skeletal muscle which increases energy used above the basal level of activity (household, transportation, occupational and leisure time).
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