Neuromodulation (replaces “interstim”)

Sacral neuromodulation (SNS) is a therapy used for overactive bladder (OAB) and other bowel/bladder conditions.

This therapy works by stimulating the sacral nerve (near the base of the spine). This nerve carries signals between the spinal cord and the bladder. In OAB, these nerve signals don’t work the right way. SNS uses a “bladder pacemaker” to interrupt these signals, which can improve OAB symptoms.

During the placement of a “bladder pacemaker,” a surgeon makes a small cut and places a thin wire close to the sacral nerves. The device is then tested to see how well it works for you. In a second procedure, the surgeon connects the wire to a small battery operated device placed under the skin. This device delivers electrical impulses to the bladder to stop the signals that can cause OAB.

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