If you wake up more than one time each night to go to the bathroom, you may have Nocturia. Sleep disruption from having to urinate during the night can impact your quality of life. About 1 in 3 adults over the age of 30 experience Nocturia. The rate of people affected increases with age. It can be caused by a lifestyle habit or an underlying health problem.


Nocturia can be caused by:
• Polyuria: when your body makes too much urine in a 24-hour period
• Nocturnal polyuria: when your body makes too much urine during the night
• Bladder storage problems: when your bladder doesn’t store or release urine well
• Mixed nocturia: when more than one of these problems are happening

It helps to talk with your health care provider to learn why you make multiple trips to the bathroom at night. You may learn that your Nocturia is fairly easy to treat, or you may find that it requires more extensive investigation.