Greenville Voice Center

Services Offered

We offer complete care of the voice, upper airway, and swallowing. If you are hoarse, have difficulty breathing, or have difficulty swallowing, we can provide a comprehensive evaluation and the most appropriate evidence-based treatments.


The voice is the window to the soul. Whether it’s talking with family, for work, or even Siri, we use it all the time. Let us help you Find Your Voice Again.

  • Aging voice
  • Hoarseness
  • Hoarseness after general anesthesia
  • Hoarseness after neck or chest surgery
  • Laryngitis
  • Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)
  • Muscle tension dysphonia
  • Parkinson’s-related voice and swallowing problems
  • Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis of the larynx
  • Scarring of the vocal cords
  • Singing problems in both adults and adolescents
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia
  • Vocal cord growths (nodules, polyps, cysts, granuloma)
  • Vocal cord paralysis and paresis


We work hand in hand with our ENT colleagues and those in other disciplines from the Cancer Treatment Center at Prisma Health to provide each patient with a customized treatment plan to treat the cancer and to preserve or restore vital functions like speaking and swallowing.

We treat:

  • Cancer of the vocal cords and larynx
  • Leukoplakia and precancerous lesions in the voice box (larynx)


We know how difficult it can be if you can’t breathe. When the air can’t get to your lungs, we can help.

  • Bilateral Vocal Paralysis
  • Laryngeal Stenosis
  • Tracheal or Subglottic Stenosis
  • Upper airway scarring/narrowing (involving the voice box and trachea)

How May We Help you?

Greenville Voice Center Providers

Lisa Barksdale, CCC-SLP

Robert Eller, MD

Emily Manny, CCC-SLP

Alissa Yeargin, CCC-SLP