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At Greenville ENT, our team of skilled physicians includes both otolaryngologists and audiologists who provide patients with state-of-the-art, comprehensive care focused on their unique needs. From allergies and infections to injuries, disorders and other concerns, our experienced staff can help patients with all types of conditions of the ear, nose and throat. Our goal is to accurately diagnose your ailment, provide effective medical or surgical treatments and get you back to normal as soon as possible. We appreciate the opportunity to provide care to you and your family.

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Hearing aids & devices

If you have hearing loss, an audiologist can help you determine what type and model of hearing aid will be the best fit for you.


The staff of Greenville ENT is here to help you. View a listing of common ear, nose and throat services, surgeries and procedures.


Learn about audiology and how the staff of Greenville ENT can help those experiencing hearing loss or balance disorders.

Finding Her Voice

As a media specialist at Summit Drive Elementary School in Greenville, Lisa Aucoin spends seven hours a day interacting with kids and reading aloud. A year ago, her students kept asking her what was wrong. “You sound funny,” they would tell her. “Are you sick?”

She wasn’t sick, though she kept getting laryngitis. After treating her with steroids, antacids and vocal exercises, doctors at Greenville Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), part of Greenville Health System (GHS), found a polyp on her right vocal cord, and she became one of the first patients of Robert Eller, MD, who directs the Greenville Voice Center.

Patients with continuing or recurring voice problems may go to their primary care doctor or an ENT doctor who may not have specialized equipment. “If people have had examinations but no improvement, we may be able to help,” Dr. Eller said. “We have the extra expertise and extra equipment to detect what others may have missed.”