Dry Eye Syndrome and Lipiflow

Our dry eye service is directed by Alan Leahey, MD. Dr. Leahey uses the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment to provide excellence in dry eye care at our office.

The latest technology in treating this frustrating condition is LIPIFLOW.

Fluctuating vision, red tired eyes, burning, irritation, light sensitivity, excessive tearing, red swollen lids can all be indicative of dry eye syndrome.

There are numerous options for treating dry eyes including drops and oral medications. For patients with evaporative dry eye or meibomian gland dysfunction, there is a new FDA approved procedure done in the office to help with dry eye disease.

Lipiview is a diagnostic tool to help with measuring eyelid blinking and with the lipid in the tear film

Alan Leahey, MD, our corneal specialist, who trained at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute was the first physician in the state of Pennsylvania to offer the FDA-approved treatment for his patients in his previous practice in 2012. We are thrilled that Dr. Leahey has brought his expertise to Prisma Health. The Prisma Health Eye Institute is the first site for this procedure in the Upstate of South Carolina.

The 12 minute, in-office, painless procedure is an option for all evaporative dry eye patients.

Prisma Health Eye Institute is also an approved laboratory for testing tear osmolarity.

Lipiflow Testimonials

“On Sept. 5, 2012 I had the Lipiflow treatment. Within a week my eyes felt good, relieved of the itching, burning and gritty feeling. By Jan. 8, 2013 my eyedrops were reduced by 3 drops per day. Reading the newspaper without a magnifying glass is a pleasure. I now have happy eyes again.” –Mabel

“There is no doubt that the procedure helped my dry eyes. I have had severe dry eyes since LASIK surgery years ago. While I am pleased with the improvement in my dry eyes, I think that if this procedure was available earlier I would have had greater benefit.” –Christopher

“My Lipiflow treatment was the best favor I ever gave my eyes. The treatment only took a few minutes, was not painful at all and the results are wonderful. I no longer have the annoying feeling of my eyes being dry and my use of eye drops was reduced to occasionally”. –Roger

“Since having my treatment in June, I have noticed improvement in my vision. Prior to having Lipiflow, I struggled daily with my vision. Now I use eye drops less often and my eyes are not as uncomfortable. I would highly recommend the treatment. I’d definitely do it again. It has made a huge difference in my daily quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Leahey!” –Cindy

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Learn more about Lipiflow in this informational video.