Senior Services

In the golden years …

As life continues and graceful aging occurs, Prisma Health provides excellent care and support along the way. We offer an array of services from preventive care and senior care to comfort support and durable medical equipment and supplies.

Aging is a part of life and we want to help keep you healthy during your golden years. Physical activity is a very important component to healthy aging. Is physical activity new to you? According to the National Institute on Aging, it’s never too late to become active.

And, just like it’s never too late to become active, it’s never too late for health education. Attend our education seminars or lunch and learns to stay informed on the latest health recommendations and guidelines. We also offer various support groups and specialty screenings, such as women’s heart health.

While Prisma Health wants to help keep you healthy, we recognize that some seniors have conditions that require special attention ranging from rehabilitation to nursing home level of care. We are your partner in sickness and in wellness throughout your entire life.

Senior Care (PACE)

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Senior Care is centered on the belief that best outcomes happen when seniors are served in their community. We support family members and other caregivers with training, support groups and respite care.

Geriatric Medicine

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This innovative approach to aging is growing and dynamic. Our team provides patient-focused and family-focused care. Prisma Health is constantly working to develop programs to meet the needs of our senior population.

PATH membership

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Partners Achieving Total Health (PATH) is a wellness initiative of Prisma Health and YMCA of Greenville that provides access to fitness and preventive care that’s affordable and easily accessible.