Derek’s Paracord Project

Travis’ Smoker

Derek is making an example of every paracord pattern we’ve made in the Co-Op. He’s had to learn 10 different patterns in the past few weeks. This will help other patients see and feel what each pattern looks like.

Travis said he’d always wanted to have a smoker, so he built one! About 8 pallets later, a lot of measuring and at home work we had a smoker ready to be used. He says he’ll bring us some bacon, but we haven’t seen any yet.

Marion’s Bracelet Box

Dave’s Twisted Shelf

Marion took our classic pencil box-pivot design and turned it into a two for one! Earlier on he made a byzantine bracelet and decided to give it to his wife for valentines day. After seeing another patient making a pencil box, Marion thought it would be perfect to display his gift in. Then, he wrote a protocol for the next patient to make one!

Dave wanted to do something that was more challenging in the wood working area of our shop. We took to Pintrest and found some simple plans for this “twisted shelf.” He then decided to donate it to the Co-Op where it is now used to store tools.