Wheelchair Clinic

The wheelchair clinic at Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital is available for individuals who need an evaluation to determine what type of wheelchair is most appropriate for them.

Ever-changing guidelines for procuring a wheelchair has been a challenge for all involved in getting a first or a replacement wheelchair. The Wheelchair Clinic will help guide you through this process.

During the Wheelchair Clinic appointment, the wheelchair user, their family and caregivers meet with a therapist, a wheelchair vendor and a manufacturer representative (if needed). The user’s medical history is reviewed and their mobility challenges and goals for the wheelchair are discussed. Their functional mobility is assessed and wheelchair options that can assist in meeting their mobility goals are reviewed. Insurance coverage and the procedures for obtaining the requested wheelchair are also discussed during their comprehensive evaluation appointment.

The wheelchair recommendations are based on the findings of the functional evaluation and the patient and caregivers’ mobility goals. The wheelchair user has the opportunity to trial demo equipment to assist in determining the best wheelchair option for them. Demo equipment available during the wheelchair clinic appointment includes the latest technology available in power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions, wheelchair back supports, positioning devices and alternative drive controls for power wheelchair operation.

Wheelchair selection is based on many factors, including the patient’s diagnosis and prognosis, the patient’s goals for the wheelchair, their abilities and funding guidelines. All of this is reviewed with the patient and their family and caregivers by the therapist and the vendor.

In addition to the wheelchair evaluation, other services that are offered in wheelchair clinic include: pressure mapping to assist in determining the best wheelchair cushion for skin protection, training for the caregiver and the wheelchair user with the recommended wheelchair, trials with demo equipment and fitting upon delivery.

The process for getting into Wheelchair Clinic starts with a doctor’s referral for a wheelchair clinic physical therapy evaluation that can be sent via your electronic medical record or faxed to 864-455-6342. For more information, please call 864-455-8788.


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