Driver Rehab Program

Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital is the only facility in the upstate to offer a Driver Rehabilitation Program. The program is conducted by a team of occupational therapists, specialty trained in Driver Education and Driver Rehabilitation. Our Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist helps those with functional impairments, often related to trauma, illness, aging or psychological changes, to meet their driving goals. The Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist can provide invaluable information related to the clients’ physical and cognitive abilities affecting safe driving.

Pre-driver evaluation includes:

  • Physical evaluation of functional strength, range of motion, sensation and coordination
  • Cognitive evaluation of visual processing, memory, judgment, orientation and attention span
  • Perceptual motor evaluation of the client’s ability to interpret and react to the environment
  • Visual acuity and visual field evaluation to assess whether the client meets the SCDMV vision standards for driving

A behind-the-wheel road test is then performed to assess safe handling of a vehicle in a dynamic environment.

Recommendations for additional training and/or needs for adaptive equipment are provided to the client and referring physician. The Driver Rehabilitation Program works very closely with the client, the physician, the family and SCDMV to ensure that each individual is given every opportunity to maintain independence in community mobility whether behind the wheel or through alternative means of transportation.

Referrals are accepted from physicians, healthcare professionals, individuals, and agencies. However, a physician referral and a recent medical report are required for each client.

For more information on the Driver’s Rehabilitation Program, please call 864-455-4959.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluation/Financial Information

What is a Driver Rehabilitation Evaluation and how long does it last?

The evaluation generally takes 3 hours to complete. It consists of a Clinical Occupational Therapy Evaluation and if indicated an On Road Assessment. The clinical Occupational Therapy Evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s foundational skills for driving including an assessment of their physical skills, visual skills, emotional and cognitive skills in light of their current medical condition. If the client demonstrates an adequate level of abilities on the clinical portion then they will also be taken out for an On Road Assessment.

Why does my family member or caregiver have to come with me?

We consider the impact of Driving Independently on our clients and their caregivers/ family and expect to provide a comprehensive recommendation that could ultimately affect the entire family. Our goal is to provide the safest recommendation for you and the community at large and there are times that may impact your family/ caregivers.

What if I do not feel I can tolerate 3 hours for the evaluation?

We can schedule you for two different sessions, however this is generally not recommended, as it is not an accurate reflection of the demands of everyday life.

Is this service covered by my insurance?

If your insurance covers an Occupational Therapy evaluation, the clinical portion of this evaluation is covered. The On Road Assessment is not covered by insurance and is an out of pocket expense.

Medicare sets the standards by which most private insurances follow; you may check with your carrier to see if they will cover this evaluation.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $120/hour and an average On Road Assessment takes about 90 minutes. If you need training after the evaluation, the cost continues to be $120/hour.

Do I have to pay for the evaluation on the day of service?


If I cannot afford this evaluation, what should I do?

We recommend that you call your physician and discuss the financial burden this will place you on you and determine if there are other options.

Will I use my car?

No. We use the Roger C Peace evaluation vehicle that is equipped with extra safety features such as an instructor brake.

Do I have to take this evaluation?

This evaluation is not mandatory unless you have been referred to this program by Department of Motor Vehicles. If your physician has referred you, it is decision you and your physician should make together based on your medical condition.

Are there other options available?

Ask your physician for a referral to outpatient Occupational Therapy to assess for Instrumental ADLS and Speech Therapy to assess Cognition, which could provide your physician with enough information to make a decision about your ability to return to driving safely. Also, you could have your physician contact the Driver Rehabilitation Program for resources he/she could use in his or her clinic.

Is there anybody else in the state that can evaluate me?

If you are a Veteran, you can receive free Driver rehab services at Dorn Medical VA in Columbia; otherwise, you can locate other programs in the state at

If I fail, do you notify the DMV?

If it is determined, that you need to terminate driving then the DMV is notified. We will also recommend that your physician follow up with that recommendation to the DMV. If you do not pass because of weaknesses that potentially could be rehabilitated, we will refer you to the appropriate source such as Occupational or Physical therapy. After that, you can return for a re-evaluation.

Can I come back if I fail?

That will be determined by your driver rehabilitation therapist. It will depend on whether he/she is recommending rehabilitation versus termination of driving.

What if I do not live or drive in Greenville?

We have offices in Seneca and Greenville.

Is there anything I need to study?

No, this assessment is not like the SCDMV written or road test. It is a therapeutic evaluation of your current medical status and its impact on your ability to drive safely.

What if I don't feel ready to complete this evaluation now?

You can call us back when you are ready to schedule. Your referral is good for 6 months.

Adaptive Equipment and Training Information

If I need training, how long does that take?

The amount of training you need will be determined on the day of your evaluation. The Driver Rehabilitation Therapist will discuss the amount of training you will need to meet your individual goal of driving independently.

What if I need training with hand controls or adaptive equipment?

The RCP Driver Rehabilitation Program has the ability to evaluate and train drivers on the use of adaptive equipment; however our vehicles limit our ability to train you on electronic or high tech equipment.

Are there financial resources available for training?

There are very few programs available for assistance financially. Potential sources of financial help include Vocational Rehabilitation, Goodwill, DDSN, local churches and philanthropic groups.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Medical Review Case Information

How would I know if DMV has established a case?

You would have received a letter from the Department of Driver Improvement informing you of the steps you must take to prevent revocation of your license. Usually there is a deadline date by which it must be submitted.

You do not have an appointment before my deadline date, what should I do?

We will call the DMV and get an extension on your deadline. We will need your case number and your driver’s license number.