Inpatient Therapy

Skills Practiced in Inpatient Therapy

The range of skills practiced in therapy includes:

  • Speech Therapy: cognition and communication tasks which work on speaking, processing, memory and assessment treatment of swallowing difficulties.
  • Occupational Therapy: activities of daily living which include eating, grooming, dressing, hygiene, bathing and toileting.
  • Physical Therapy: mobility skills which include moving in bed, transferring to different surfaces (car, furniture, wheelchair, bed), standing, walking and climbing stairs.
  • Recreational Therapy: activities and experiences to improve functional abilities in therapy, provide education and training, promote social interaction and healthy living through group and community recreational and leisure.

Patient Participation

The patient’s ability to sit up, the amount of endurance the patient has to tolerate therapy, as well as his or her medical and nursing needs, determine
the ability to participate in therapy services. Many factors are involved  and decisions are made by the team as to what is most appropriate for the  individual.


The goal for acute inpatient rehabilitation is to provide a minimum of Three hours of therapy per day, Monday through Friday. Weekend therapy is also offered depending on patient needs and abilities. Practice on the patient care unit, as well as opportunities with rehabilitation nursing, are also important components of the rehabilitation program.


Therapy is provided in many areas. Patient rooms and even hallways can be therapeutic environments depending on the goal for the particular session. Therapy is mostly provided in one of our many gym areas: 1st floor main gym, 2nd floor gym, and 3rd floor gym as well as our home lab.

Weekend Inpatient Therapy Options

Individual weekend therapy (Saturday or Sunday) is offered to patients on a priority basis depending on multiple factors, one of which is the day of the patient’s admission. Therapy groups are also offered to encourage therapeutic progress on the weekends.

Your therapy team will work with you to determine what is most appropriate on any given weekend. In addition to therapy groups and individual therapy, other activities are offered for all patients and families on the weekends.

Additional Activities for Patients and Families

Patients and families are strongly encouraged to attend all of family education and training to ensure safety and readiness for discharge to next level of care including home. These include …

Upstate Community Abilities Network (UCAN)
“Providing people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.”

Chaplaincy Services
The chaplain offers services for all patients and families

Facility Dog Lonnie
Facility dogs are expertly trained dogs who partner with a handler to care for patients at RCP