Inpatient Amputee (Limb Loss) Program

The Inpatient Amputee (Limb Loss) Program at Roger C. Peace Hospital (RCPH) offers a variety of services and maintains specialty accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). RCPH provides rehabilitation to individuals with amputees/limb loss at all levels.

We are a member of the Amputee Coalition of America, a leading advocacy group for amputees and their families. The Amputee Coalition is dedicated to empowering people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential through education, support and advocacy, and to promote limb loss prevention.

An amputee/limb loss can occur as the result of trauma, disease, and congenital limb loss deficiency. Our program prepares patients and their families to cope physically and psychologically with the loss of a limb. Our program will teach persons with amputation how to care for themselves, the residual limb, and learn new ways to accomplish daily activities to their highest level of potential with the goal of returning to their community and independent living.

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The Inpatient Amputee Program at RCPH maximizes outcomes and advances through the continuum of care by providing:

Inpatient Rehabilitation 

  • Comprehensive Interdisciplinary team of physiatrists, nurses, dieticians, therapists, case managers, psychologists, dedicated to expert care of persons with amputation/limb loss
  • Pre-Prosthetic Program of the rehabilitation process begins postoperatively with a pre-prosthetic program that focuses on preparing the limb for a possible prosthesis. The goals of this phase of rehabilitation are:
    • Proper positioning and prevention of contractures with team collaboration
    • Wound care and pain management
    • Building strength and endurance
    • Learning the skills necessary to achieve maximum independence in daily activities.
    • Training/Education on risks for further limb loss, appropriate mobility either through walking or use of wheelchair
    • Community outings to address the patient’s functional abilities
  • Prosthetic Training if appropriate involves team collaboration with the Prisma Health Center for Prosthetics & Orthotics to determine type of prosthesis, optimal fit and function, continued prosthetic training through outpatient therapy, and outpatient follow-up assures continued comfort and functional independence with the prosthesis.
  • Outpatient programs and follow-up physician care in our clinic services is available when you graduate from inpatient rehabilitation program

Our Prosthetics Team

Our amputation and orthotics experts bring individualized, highly specialized care to patients following amputation.

Admissions & Referrals

To learn more about participating in the Inpatient Amputee Program at RCPH, please call please call 864-455-7716.

To make a referral, please fax referral forms to 864-455-3793.