Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation

Inpatient Services

Our 53-bed hospital is accredited by the Joint Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities (JCAHO) and the National Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Outpatient Services

Roger C. Peace (RCP) offers a wide range of specialized outpatient services focusing on a variety of diseases, disorders and diagnostic categories at a variety of clinic locations throughout the Upstate.

Our Providers

The care of each patient admitted to Roger C. Peace Hospital is managed by a full interdisciplinary team of highly qualified individuals with specialized training in the field of rehabilitation.

Community & Support Groups

Roger C. Peace offers several community and support groups for our patients. Learn more about the many ways we help our patients, both physically and mentally.

Patient Resources

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite resources to share with patients. When you can’t get in touch with us or you need an answer quicker than we can provide, we hope that you’ll find these links helpful.

Locations & Contact Information

We offer inpatient and outpatient services at two convenient locations. Appointments are made by referral only, but we are happy to help coordinate referral services.